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  1. If he comes through the system whoever poached him in a season or 2 it will show up. And you will be able to click on him he will be in your list of tab marked tranfer and click on clauses at top you will see him listed there.
  2. I started a new save, in the past had no issues used to get a reminder so and so needs to go on coarse, so used to go to board request for said person to do the course and either got a yes or no answer, this save I decided to give it to the tech director to do, but I wasnt getting any info if any of coaches had completed courses, so decided I would take responsibility for it, but have had no notifications in a year to send anyone on courses, is there a another way send them without having to wait, as I have looked at board requests nothing on there and also the coaches personal page, looked an
  3. I asked the board a bit into the season, I didnt even realise you could ask permission to start a u 23 team, just happen to look through board requests and saw it so thought I will have some of this. But anyway I got as I said the manager in and set it up for him to arrange friendlies, but 3 months in and hes still not arranged any yet, thanks for help
  4. I requested the board for permission to have an under 23 team, which they accepted, I put a under 23 manager in place to look after them, and made it his responsibility to arrange friendlies. as of yet hes done nothing, Ive had to arrange them, I really cant be bothered doing that every week, is this a bug, as I'd rather not have a under 23 team if I got to do it.
  5. Ok thank you for the help, I will check it out when I log on
  6. Back to playing fm after lost years in wow wilderness' enjoying it. But I have a problem with a coach giving me advice to change certain backroom staff, first of all the advice is rubbish as the people he advices to change are not as good as ones I have got. I have looked all over responsibilities to see why he is allowed to advice me and cant see his name anywhere, is there a way of changing this?
  7. Well this keeper is probably only good for league above us, and then tell me they are disappointed with finances for him when they done the deal
  8. Ok managing Braintree, got to 2nd Division, then some consortium move in, I still keep my job, but at same time the consortium take over some Italian goalkeeper who I wasnt even aware of is signed up, come a couple of weeks later when transfer window comes up the Italian keeper joins, then theres a message to say we have to then start paying £2.5k a month for the 325k loan the club had earlier. I checked all finances and cant see were the loan actually went into club bank, thing is there is £3.5 million in bank so why would we need loan. Is this a dodgy consortium that are borrowing off club
  9. I have had a call up for 10 of my players to play at Olympics, which starts as season is getting underway, thats crazy as they are my best players and as Ive just got promoted to premiership Im going to struggle, to get team together, is it a good idea to refuse them to play in it? It doesnt say how long its lasts which makes it worse,
  10. Yes trying to upload tactic from steam, but cant click on anything, well can but says it dont exist, if I click on c drive or the other letters, tried the little arrow there to get back where I originally was but doesnt do anything
  11. Im having problems uploading a tactic I want to use, it used to be okay but when I go into it now I get is this is this as in picture I will send, and cant do anything as its stuck there
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