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  1. Good news is that it's working on the old laptop. Bad news is that it's an old laptop and therefore very slow... Do you have any alternative ideas on why this could have happened? I haven't updated anything recently and it just stopped midgame and the FM.exe file was suddenly missing. Thx for the quick replies by the way!
  2. Thx! Unfortunately none of these things seem to work. I'm gonna install Steam and FM 20 on a different laptop tomorrow. See if that make's any difference. Still weird that it has worked fine for weeks though.
  3. Game was working fine this (early) morning and has worked fine these last couple of weeks. It suddenly crashed at some point this morning and ever since it won't start back up. It keeps saying that there is an executable file missing (FM.exe), which is true (not in the folder). Tried reinstalling but same error occurs when I try to open the game from Steam. Tried reinstalling again and now the state in Steam is indefinitely "paused". For some reason I can still click "play game" in another screen, but that just keeps giving me the same error (missing executable). Weird stuff... any ideas?? I just switched clubs to Sunderland in the Championship and would love to get them back up to the Premier League Saw a similar issue here Apparently there were problems with some keys but was fixed back then.
  4. Was playing the game this morning and it worked just fine. Went out for a bit and when I came back FM ran in error. Whilst trying to restart it, Steam says the FM.exe file is suddenly missing from the folder... which it is. Anyone know how to deal with this? I've found some other topics that mention similar issues (https://community.sigames.com/topic/503366-missing-executable/), but these were from about a month ago and I've not had this problem until now. Thx!
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