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  1. It's your last 25 games.. could it be some from last season?
  2. Not sure if this one has already been posted or not. I made subs during a game and then a highlight followed immediately after. As the ball was pumped forward I noticed a load of players stood offside, these turned out to be the players I had just took off that were leaving the pitch whilst their replacements were already playing.
  3. Had to take a look on here to confirm it wasn't just me having this issue. I've had multiple saves so far and I am finding the same issue throughout all of them with easy chances being missed, it has become particularly noticeable on my latest save. I have downloaded the level 10 database and am playing in the lowest division possible, by the standards of the division I have excellent forwards with decent finishing stats yet I am losing or drawing far too many games where I have created an outrageous amount of chances. At the beginning of the season I was winning plenty of games and despite missing a lot of chances was still getting over the line and was 1st at Christmas, I've now dropped down to 5th following about 12-15 games of creating 5-6 clear cut chances and not being able to win games. I could totally understand this if my team were defensively fragile but I am conceding very few chances, the standard of opposition finishing appears to be far beyond the capability of their players. One of the most frustrating things is the decision making of wingers and forwards when in goal scoring situations, I would say at least 3 or 4 times game my forward or winger will find himself either 1v1 with the goalkeeper or in a decent wide position with an easy pass for a tap in but instead opts to shoot. I am really enjoying this game but there definitely appears to be issues with finishing and the bias towards the AI is obvious.
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