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  1. When I used BME, y noticed that the front players takes a lot shots from distance. Maybe using together with WBiB thats not happen.
  2. Very good post! Thanks! I'm trying some of this (and some of 4-5-1) in my save with Liverpool with great results (I know is a top team haha)
  3. How is this system working against big teams for you? I'm playing with Liverpool, and struggle in some big matches against English teams. They create a lot of chances (me too btw). I'm making some tweaks in the midfield to see how I can play these matches. A thing I noticed is that de wide roles of the midfield (IW) tends to dribble a lot and run with the ball to often (it's hardcoded). I'm trying with another roles like WM or WP. Anyone used a RPM in the midfield?
  4. Maybe someone wants to read that thread. Although, I tried with Liverpool (I know is maybe the better team in the game?) in the last part of the first season and it works great!
  5. Hello! I am trying to create a tactic using a WP. Would you change anything? The idea is to create overload in the right flank, and give more freedom to de left flank (I don't know if it's better a W or IW there) Positive mentality Shorter passing Play out of defence Work ball into box Be more expressive Higher DL Offside trap and I'm thinking in using a split block, but I don't know if it's good with this formation. DLFsu IWat CAR MEZat WPsu DMde/HB WBsu CD CD FBsu
  6. I noticed that in the guidetoFM page now the values of penetration, support and strength have changed. you saw it? Will it be the same or will it change a lot?
  7. Thanks! It's very helpful! I used to read that page, but in some parts was very difficult to understand. This makes more simple.
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