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  1. Any idea when is the winter transfer update coming in for the PC version of FM 21 Touch?
  2. Hi. I have 7 managers added to my current save. The D.O.F is assingned with the Transfer Responsibilities on all 7 of the teams but he is buying players on 2 of the 7. I can provide a save from the start of the January transfer window (second season) if needed (Only West Ham and Bayer Leverkusen D.O.F is buying players, the rest D.O.F just sell without buying). The selling part is working great, the buying part is the one that needs to be fixed.
  3. Hello. As you can see in the screenshot bellow I've selected my Director of Football to take care of the transfer responsabilites for my players but it's the second season now and he didnt placed a single bid for a player and the only transfers made were made by me not by the DoF. I've already uploaded my save file for other issue on the S.I. cloud under the name "coaches bug.fmt" but you can use it for this bug as well. DoF accepts transfer bids for other players but never tries to buy new ones Can this issue be caused because i added more managers into the save?
  4. I have uploaded my save under the name coaches bug.fmt
  5. Seems like some teams are not hiring new head coaches after firing them. For example, on my save, FCSB had fired their head coach on 12 december and it's march now and they are still using an interim head coach.
  6. "*Football Manager 2020 Touch is due to follow early next week" they said this in the FM 20 update 20.4 thread which means the update will come soon on touch version as well
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