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  1. | Season 1 - 2020 - Sweden 4th Division | Previous post : S0 - The Presentation For the first season, we were predicted 8th out of 14, but the level seemed pretty tied between all the teams. As you can see here, we began the season with seven wins and two draws, conceding only one goal. With that run, of course we took the first place and I was very happy to go after the promotion. Then, the results became a bit more irregular, especially away, and there was a lot of team not far from me so the season was really tense. There was only one match left, and the table was really tied
  2. | Presentation - Season 2020 | Hi, I'm a french follower of this forum for several years, and for this FM I've decided to sign-up and try this challenge. So I apologize for my english mistakes, I try my best to avoid them, but don't hesitate to correct me. So for the challenge, it's my first real try and I hope to enjoy the suffering of this challenge. I present to you the manager for my career, my alter-ego on Football Manager : Mark Williams. As you can see, I have the New Zealand nationality, maybe we'll have some exotic regen. For my attributes, they are very low because I begin
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