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  1. | Season 1 - 2020 - Sweden 4th Division | Previous post : S0 - The Presentation For the first season, we were predicted 8th out of 14, but the level seemed pretty tied between all the teams. As you can see here, we began the season with seven wins and two draws, conceding only one goal. With that run, of course we took the first place and I was very happy to go after the promotion. Then, the results became a bit more irregular, especially away, and there was a lot of team not far from me so the season was really tense. There was only one match left, and the table was really tied, with five team for two places. Fortunally, I won my match and Karlbergs lost, so that's how I became champion ! That's a very good moment, I was very worried to let that promotion get away from me at the last minute. It was even more worrying because I had been in the first during all the season !. Very happy to go up, it's going to be a difficult season but I have faith in my players to avoid the relegation. No cup this season, we were eliminated in the first round before my takeover, so we'll see what happens next season ! We had a pretty good run this season, but as you can see, a very few players really played well. My two best players were Alexandar Mutic and Oskar Kiianlinna. The first was my top scorer and really lead my offense. With 15 goals, he really shined compared to the other offensive players. As for Kiianlinna, he really was a rock as I was expecting, and became even the second best scorer of the season, that says a lot about the others offensive players... Kiianlinna won the price for the best defender of the season, and I think he deserved it. Kayembe Ilolo did the most assist as he played on the left wing, but I'm a bit disappointed about his performance. Hope he will up his level next year. Also, I want to give credit to David Bengtsson, Oliver Sigefjord and Linus Dahlgren who did a great season. For my first intake, I was just hoping to have a defensive midfielder as Kony was pretty bad this season and had no backup. I got this. No DM, but some centerback that could maybe develop as DM. Otherwise, some good offensive players, but none ready to play for the first. I think that Linus Strömberg YP01D might be the closest to join the first team but he is a bit far for the moment. I give you Tobias Olofsson YP01A and Linus Olsson YP01B so you can see who the best prospects are. The club is happy with my management and we gained a lot of reputation with this promotion. As we won a good amount of money because of the promotion, I asked for an improvement of the youth facilities and it was accepted ! Really happy that we begin to build a good structure. We lost money every month, but we never went into the red zone. I think it will be the case next season. I took the screenshot before the investisment in the youth facilities, but it was paid by the money we won with the promotion, so we are almost at the same balance to begin the next season ! That's it for my first season, really excited to play in the third division. We are expected to finish last, but I hope to make a good season, with a good run in the cup ?
  2. | Presentation - Season 2020 | Hi, I'm a french follower of this forum for several years, and for this FM I've decided to sign-up and try this challenge. So I apologize for my english mistakes, I try my best to avoid them, but don't hesitate to correct me. So for the challenge, it's my first real try and I hope to enjoy the suffering of this challenge. I present to you the manager for my career, my alter-ego on Football Manager : Mark Williams. As you can see, I have the New Zealand nationality, maybe we'll have some exotic regen. For my attributes, they are very low because I begin in a lower league, so let's hope to improve these really quick ! I've chosen to go in Sweden for this challenge. Why ? Because I like Scandinavian countries, I think it's easier to begin in a 4th division so you can improve a little bit by a little bit, and all the division have different rules so it's going interesting to adapt. A lot of choice was open to me, and every club had the same infrastuctures so I chose a club with a good logo, and I went with BKV Norrtjäle. A little city of around 16 000 people in the south east of the country. We are predicted 8th out of 14, but the league seems very balanced, so we'll see what happens during the season ! As for the infrastructures, they are very basic. It's up to me to help the club to grow up ! After making some choice with youngsters, I've made a group of 23 players for my first team. I've already played almost one season, so I will give you screenshot of the players at the end of the season, I'm sorry about that. I have a young team, that's a good point, with players at every position. The only role lacking is a defensive midfielder, Kone being the only one looking decent to defend in midfield. We have a pretty good pair centerback with Kiianlina and Bengtsson (a regen who joined the club before my arrival). For the fullbacks, we have to players on each side but none of them stand out as very good. We have good players in midfield, the only problem is that they are a bit too much offensive. Ayala seems weak so I hope to not use him. Mutic and Ilolo are better than the other and should score a lot of goal (at least I hope !). We also have six or seven youngsters in U19, some will maybe one day play with us but not this season. For the tactic, I'm going to go with a 4-3-3, Ilolo as an Inside Forward on the left side. This formation will be very flexible, we'll see how we are going to react to the opponents. That's it for my presentation, I hope that my text is clear and understandable. See you for the end of the season, and I will continue to follow all your adventures !
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