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  1. it doesn't happen that way club manchester city has the game gone crazy?
  2. How do you play this game, wherever you go, there are failures everywhere and always, it discourages any desire.
  3. maybe it's the wrong staff,I don't even know, it seems that in 20 FM you should only play for Liverpool))only with him successfully
  4. the problem is that your tactics don't work for some reason none of them))it may be funny but it's true
  5. Hi Knap.What instructions are used for the assistant?Can I have screenshots?
  6. Go simulate with Spartak and Zenith in Russia Destroyer V3
  7. зачем тестировать, когда едешь в отпуск?вы играете результаты как-то хуже online translation: why test when you go on vacation? do you play the results somehow worse
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