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  1. Brilliant thank you I will definitely give this a go as the players I have at my disposal fit these roles perfectly, I'm relieved I can still achieve this playstyle without a LW as I currently lack one at my club!
  2. I certainly agree, they looked perfectly drilled and knew exactly what their role was in that team. Thank you for the detailed writeup it really helps picture the tactic and the understanding of each role, I will try replicate this and see how it goes, my biggest issue will be trying to find a player similar to Insigne as he's quite a unique player and annoyingly I didn't invest in a left winger before the season started as I wasn't planning on using one (woops!)
  3. Thank you for this I will test this out and see how I like it, in regards to the left CB staying wider is this so he covers more of the empty space from the LB or is it to make the back line shift over a bit more?
  4. Brilliant thank you I will definitely give them a read! I tried to emulate that with the IWB-D on the right side which in my mind I was hoping to create almost a back three but I'm not 100% how that role actually operates and I think it tends to roam into the midfield area? I could definitely try a WB (auto) with Hold Position
  5. Unfortunately I knew this deep down and it was really hammered home when I play someone good and didn't even compete! I wanted to try and make my LB the main threat of my team and have him in constant acres of space on that side and then have my team switch the ball to him where he could either have a run at goal or pick out a cross. (almost like a left winger perhaps?). Yes please I would love to see what tweaks you would make
  6. After watching the Italy vs Turkey game and seeing how much space Italy's left back and how he was a costant threat I wanted to try and replicate a similar formation and style on FM. I have made the below tactic and it does seems to work (I think?) as my left back has the highest rating on my team so far this season however whenever I go against similar/better oppoenents than me I just get steamrolled, I understand that I'm not supposed to win everygame etc but with the players I have it just feel like I should be much more competitive in these matches. I feel like my teams skill has carried me rather than the actual tactic. Personally I think i'm overthinking how you would create this playstyle on FM and It's probably a lot simpler than what i have tried to make, if anyone has any suggestions on tweaks/how they would actually create this system then please do let me know
  7. Well I'm keen to learn more about the game and formations etc so if there was any obvious changes then I'd like to know what they are and then fix them to make the tactic better, for example I wasnt aware I had conflicting playstyles in my tactic so it's good to learn that. In regards to the target man what changes would you reccomend to get him more involved?
  8. Thanks for the tips, I have basically removed most of the TI's and I'll slowly add/remove things and see how it all changes and go from there as I was probably overdoing it. I had them both on attack as I think 1 DLP and 3 CB's should be good enough cover but I'll look at having two on different duties
  9. Hmm yeah I think I was probably overdoing it with the TI's and telling players to do what their roles will make them do anyway. I've never really thought about the mentality and what individual changes it makes to the players only the TI's I've really thought about when switching it so I'll take into account going forward! Thanks for your help
  10. The only reason I put overlap on was so my WB's would fly up the pitch and be a main outlet for the ball out wide but I suppose they'll do that normally anyway, in regards to counter and counter-press should I just leave them both blank? Is there any vital or obvious player instructions to add and should I change my strikers roles or are they fine?
  11. I wasnt aware all of them selected would be an issue, would it be too long winded to explain why i should unselect all of these? As for individual instructions i have almost none selected apart from the strikers to shoot more and zaha to dribble more, thanks though i will give it a try
  12. This is a tactic I made pretty quickly and it has been quite sucessful for me so far but i would like to know if there are some obvious changes i could make to improve it, im keen to learn more about how roles work on players and what partnerships match up well, if anyone has any tips or suggestions on what i should change and why, please can you let me know. Also i cannot get Mariano to score or assist at all and almost every game he has a low rating but I dont know what I can change to get him performing better, I do have him set to target man which i know probably isn't ideal as he's only 5"11 but im not sure what role to change him to that will suit his partner an advanced forward. Thanks
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