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  1. BTW another question for Seb: The national personality attribute template was removed from FM. Was this actually removed from the mechanics, or just hidden? And why was it removed? I don't think people who asked about it before ever got a proper answer
  2. After letting it run for 5 years, I realized why I decided long ago to only do 1 year for each test. Running for more than one year allows for attributes such as youth recruitment to improve or degrade, making a comparison to previous years impossible. In my test median PA seemed to decrease across the board, it's a pity I only had French leagues loaded. If I had a 'very important' nation to compare to, then I could check to see if this is a result of the game importance. According to Seb, game importance doesn't factor into newgen PA anyway, eh? What does seem pretty conclusive is that youth facilities have no effect on newgen PA, even after 5 years. Highlighted are teams that were given youth facilities of '1' at the start. Six samples were used for each team: Lyon - 8051 rep / 20 TF / 7 YF / 18 JC / 18 YR = 124.5 average median PA PSG - 8676 rep / 20 TF / 20 YF / 16 JC / 16 YR = 118.9 average median PA Monaco - 8160 rep / 19 TF / 4 YF / 16 JC / 16 YR = 112.14 average median PA Rennes - 6901 rep / 15 TF / 20 YF / 16 JC / 16 YR = 118.7 average median PA Bordeaux - 7198 rep / 17 TF / 4 YF / 15 JC / 15 YR = 113 average median PA Toulouse - 6583 rep / 14 TF / 15 YF / 15 JC / 15 YR = 114.33 average median PA
  3. Ok fair points, I'll do a save or two with multiple seasons and post back here when I'm done
  4. 1. I've done it in multiple database loads. About 8-10. I did three for France, one for England, and several more for Germany. 2. Yes, I've thought about this. In the case of youth facilities, yes, it might be a delayed effect. Perhaps sometime I will do a load 5 years into the future to test it. However, I doubt it will change the result, because junior coaching is also supposedly meant to simulate the invisible youth players, yet it's effect when changed is immediate - a ~40% reduction in PA when changed from '20' to '1'. Youth recruitment also reduces PA by ~25% when reduced from '20' to '1'. I'm pretty sure this whole invisible youth player thing is just a narrative to give the mechanics a nice realism feel. Think about this, if these players are already there and pre-developed in certain ways, then why do they all suddenly change when I reload from save and do the youth intake again? With 'game importance' you can't really argue there is a possible delayed effect. But what I've thought is that perhaps it just reverts the setting when you play the game. Could be a bug, or just how the mechanic is intended to work (while unfortunately making the setting useless for people who edit FM). To try and counter this, I've previously tried setting the nation ranking points to '1', just in case nation ranking alters game importance, but I got the same results.
  5. Summary: Game importance and youth facilities do not influence newgen PA at all. Description of Issue: There is no difference in newgen PA if the 'game importance' setting is changed in the pre-game editor. There is no difference in newgen PA if the youth facilities are changed either. I use FM genie scout to view newgen PAs, and I've found that the newgen PA median is the most accurate measure. It is still variable, but predictably so (-/+ ~10%), and when I average a set of median PAs from multiple newgen intakes, I get more accurate results. You can see some of my results documented here: I have also tested this before with German and English teams, so I've replicated this about 50 times overall, for 'game importance' at least. Steps to Reproduce: In pre-game editor for France (or any other nation presumably), set 'game importance' to 'completely useless', and/or youth facilities of a team to '1'. Start game with 'large' database, France down to level 4. I've done it with small and large database; leagues from multiple nations or just one - the result remains the same. Holiday until day after youth intake day. Compare median PA of newgens to that of a standard unedited game. PA distribution also does not seem to be different at a glance.
  6. No ill will intended Seb lad, just having a bit of fun I am serious about game importance having no effect though. I will post this in the bug forum as you instruct me to A few things about what you've said You say it's actually just youth rating, youth facilities and junior coaching that equally contribute to PA. But in my testing of each of these settings individually, youth facilities has no effect at all on PA, and junior coaching contributes more (~40%) than youth rating (~25%), while youth recruitment also has a ~25% effect, and there is another lever for PA I have been unable to identify that seems to be nation or division specific You say that youth facilities are not used by visible players at the club. I didn't know that youth players use the training facilities rather than the youth facilities. But if youth facilities don't affect PA of regens, then I wonder, what are they for? You also say that Brazil are more likely to produce more technically competent newgens than Sweden. If true, I wonder what attribute does this; is it visible in the editor? You also say it changes over time.. what changes over time, attribute biases? game importance? nation youth rating? How so? I've set 'game importance' to 'completely useless' for Germany and England before btw, so I've done this probably about 50 times.
  7. Stand back while I rip the hinges off these assertions Three results of a standard unedited game (the median PA player is highlighted, and PA is the last figure on the right): Three results with the following edits: France game importance set to 'completely useless' and nation reputation of '1' Bordeaux, PSG, Monaco, Lyon, Marseille youth facilities all set to '1' Lyon unedited = 128-130, 124, 135-141 Lyon edited = 123, 131-134, 126-154 The average median PA of Lyon unedited = 131.6 The average median PA of Lyon edited = 133.6 Now let's go back over what Seb claims. He claims that 'game importance' and 'youth facilities' are 2 of 5 factors, and that these 5 factors contribute to PA equally. If this is true, then we would expect to see median PA decrease by at least 20% surely. Seb is obviously wrong here. I measured several teams, not just Lyon. I didn't screenshot these, just recorded the data. Unedited: Monaco - 125, 129-143, 134 = 132.7 PSG - 124-131, 124-135, 97-113 = 120.6 Marseille - 119-120, 103-105, 107-118 = 112 Orleans - 100, 105, 105 = 103.3 Paris FC - 83-96, 96-100, 91-94 = 93.3 Ajaccio - 78-88, 101, 97 = 91 Edited: Monaco - 125-139, 135-145, 135-141 = 136.6 PSG - 92-131, 150-151, 111-119 = 125.6 Marseille - 124, 104, 123 = 117 Orleans - 86-94, 107-108, 93 = 97.6 Paris FC - 84, 107-114, 96 = 100.2 Ajaccio - 92-101, 95-106, 86-89 = 94.8 Some anticipated counter-points: I've done a lot of testing, and what I've found is that the median always stays the same, regardless of whether there are 3 or 16 regens. But even if you don't believe that, I've given the results for Orleans, Paris FC and Ajaccio, which each have 12-14 regens. The median almost always sticks within a range of -/+ ~10%, and averaging 5 medians makes it even more accurate. If the chance of 1 result being an inaccurate blip is say 10%, then the chance of 2 of the 3 being inaccurate blips is 1%. The other thing it could be changing is the deviation from the mean. For instance, 'very important' might result in significantly more 190 PA players, whereas 'completely useless' rarely produces players above 150 PA. But this is not what I noticed at all. You can see that in one of my edited results, Lyon got a 189 PA regen. I also saw that Auxerre produced a 194 PA player. So game importance/youth facilities does not appear to alter the distribution of PA at all. Game importance does not seem to reduce the number of regens produced by the nation, nor the average PA of all the nation's regens either. First image is unedited database, second image is edited database:
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