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  1. Smurf, it must have been absolute nightmare for you to navigate that site, kudos! it'd be very nice - but it's a version without OS and i need the system too. with Win10, it goes up to ~610 quid. i'll keep looking, maybe some deal will pop up in the meantime - i'm getting more confident that i'm looking in the right direction - thanks for that! gonna check for some reviews of that Dell, regarding the heat management. tho if that cheaper Asus also does the job, i gotta give it a serious think, too. t.
  2. Smurf, that Dell is pretty much at the limit of what i'd be comfortable spending - please note it's in Euro, so that's ~520 quid. i'm based in Poland, so i thought i'd skip links to the stores - here's the link to this one tho: https://www.euro.com.pl/laptopy-i-netbooki/dell-laptop-5490-r5-8gb-512ssd-w10-sil.bhtml?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjuq-yJyz6QIVD5IYCh1OLQ1XEAQYASABEgIRdfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds i think i assume Dells to be quite reliable, but then again i'm a tad worried about the size vs. heat management thing. the Asus TUF - i think that makes little sense apart from having the
  3. sure Smurf, the gut feeling is all i can look for at this stage :). soooo, i seem to be narrowing my uber small budget options down to these ones below - is the experience of playing FM20 on a 14'' much worse in terms of too much data on too small a screen? i actually find the idea of a smaller laptop more appealing (i will be travelling a bit with it when and if the world returns to the normal(ish)), but not sure how that works with FM20 and the amount of info it displays. and is there a downside from the perspective of heat management? also, any reason for the Asus being so c
  4. hiya Smurf, my kettle feels offended! seriously tho, appreciate your patience. been reading through the thread a bit more, https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html#laptop-thread is just such a good catch. seems i'm revolving around systems that use either i5-1035G1 or Ryzen 5 3500U. Now, according to the data, the i5 is stronger on all fronts, including a 380 difference in single thread rating. on the other hand, i'm hearing since the i5 has the basic clockspeed of 1.0 GHz only, it's liable to throttling and i'm especially worried it might be straining during
  5. hey Smurf, thanks for a quick response! i'm struggling to find a point of reference since the last FM i played was FM12 i think :). i understand perfectly well FM20 would not be processing at the speed of light on such a machine - but then again if i were to go make myself a cuppa every time i hit 'Continue', i need to reconsider, hence the question :). regarding long-term saves, i was worried about memory issues on such a machine given growth of data to process over time? especially that i heard integrated graphics make use of machine's RAM, so would effectively reduce t
  6. Hi folks! Looking for an extra budget laptop. Anyone has experience playing FM20 on Dell 3593 or similar (i5 10gen 1035G1, 1,0 - 3,6 GHz, integrated Intel UHD G1, 8GB RAM)? Can the laptop behave respectably processing setup of all English leagues and between 0-4 other leagues on medium DB? Can it handle 30+ seasons save on such setup? Can it handle 3D engine on medium to high? Any insights much appreciated, ta! t.
  7. Thanks ss03! Non-lite M5 was my first thought too, but given that Lite version is considerably cheaper and I don't really need a powerful tablet as long as it'd run FMT 20, I kinda hoped someone would be able to doublecheck on M5 Lite. Seems this community is not that much into tablets!
  8. Hi, Up with the thread! Really looking for help Folks, christmas are coming and I'd love to know which tablet to buy to make sure that in my own personal universe Arsenal are not as bad as in the real one.
  9. Hi, Up with the thread - here's to hoping someone has either of these tablets and, at minimum, could check if FMT 20 can be downloaded from Google store?
  10. Hi, Was looking for a thread on devices compatible with FMT 20 but only found the list with no place for follow up questions. I got three of these, care to help? 1) Is FMT 20 really not compatible with Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite or Lenovo TAB M10? 2) Are there notable differences in performance when playing on tablets with 3 GB RAM? 3) Are there notable differences in performance when playing on tablets with older processors (e.g. Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 or HiSilicon Kirin 710 - both 8-core)? Thanks a bunch!
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