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  1. Ahh, maybe you have to have all the leagues selected. Hmmm
  2. 'Foreign' teams are not being invited to the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Scottish Challenge Cup. Quote from wikipedia - Also participating by invitation will be four teams each from the Highland and Lowland Leagues and eight entrants from outside Scottish football – two each from the NIFL Premiership in Northern Ireland, the National League, League of Ireland and the Welsh Premier League in Wales. This season in real life, Solihull Moors and Wrexham were England's representatives. (Funny that TNS of the Welsh league were Wales' representatives - despite playing in Oswestry, England. Wrexham for the English leagues despite being Welsh and Berwick for Scotland despite being English - but that's neither here nor there). I realised this when finishing 2nd in national League with Yeovil Town and losing in playoffs and not qualifying (2 highest placed teams who don't promote qualify). I then reloaded a previous save and added the Scottish leagues to the game in case that made a difference - it did not. I also checked Solihull and Wrexham's past fixtures this season and no Challenge Cup results. (This could probably be posted in NI, Ire, Welsh or Scot forum - I discovered it in an English league, however) Thanks (P.S. Sorry about the odd formatting, I don't know how to change it! Was because I copied and pasted)
  3. The Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Scottish Challenge Cup is supposed to invite the 2 highest placed English National League teams who do not get promoted, Welsh league teams and N. Irish teams to compete - such as Solihull Moors this season IRL. However This doesn't seem to be the case. Has it happened for anybody else? Would this be classed as a 'bug'?
  4. Is there any way to sign multiple youth candidates? I recall from previous iterations that you could 'sign recommended players' via a news article, however now I have to engage in a time consuming act of individually offering youth contracts via pre-contract discussions. Thanks.
  5. The 2 highest placed teams who are not promoted from the National League are supposed to qualify for the Scottish Challenge Cup (along with a Welsh and N. Ireland team). This does not seem to happen. :-(
  6. Thought I'd just qualified for the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Scottish Challenge cup as one of the invited teams from the National League for coming second... But it didn't happen... Just checked Wrexham and Solihulls results and they never played in it even though they did. For anyone who doesn't know what I', on about, the Scottish challenge cup invites national league, Welsh and Northern Irish teams to compete. Is this an oversight? Gutted they missed it!
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