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  1. Absolutely great work, really thank you very much, the game is fixed! :-)
  2. Hi there, sorry for disturbing, but I've heard the update would release before the Xmas. Is it possible to say approximately at least. Please understand me, long save and can't play from the beginning of December... Thanks 😊🙏
  3. Kyle, great news, thank you so much! To confess, I really look forward and little bit drool... Thanks again 😊🙏
  4. Hi there, sorry for hurry, just for info any news about the crash or fix? Many thanks,
  5. Hi there, sorry for hurry, just for info any news about the crash or fix? Many thanks for your answer,
  6. You have no idea how many times I've tried it, how many ways to run or system changes I've tried. Nothing... As you say, heartbreaking...
  7. We are on the same wave 🙏 The same crash dump, the same description of my problem. The admin wrote me during the week it could be solved by new fix. I think there is now other way to continue the game, so we have to wait for the fix, don't know when it will be released... My thoughts are with you! 😊🙏
  8. Dear Kyle, really thank you very much! It's not necessary to apologize, I appreciate your work! Thanks again.
  9. Hi, I've the week old problem. Before the hotfix, also after the hotfix have still the crash dump in the middle of the week. This is very similar problem like many other users have. I play Football Manager since 2005, play one long-time save like unemployed a build the career and I've never had this problem. This is very fatal for me... Please, can anybody help? Many thanks... FM 2020 v20.2.1.1326301 (2019.12.10 09.17.54).dmp
  10. That's just I'm talking about. Because I don't use "tactic 3", I've only first and second tactic style. So you have the bug on tactic page, my bug could calling "calendar bug"... I hope the oncoming patch will solve the bug as general crash dump, as error message, not as specific "after match" bug or something else...
  11. Dear admin, I've the same problem, crash dump. As I've seen in this forum, the crash doesn't depend if it's "after match", "match before"... This is just the bug which has found after 20.2.0 update anywhere in the game. Someone has the problem for example after match, someone - like me - in the middle of the week, specifically from Wednesday to Thursday. And the "public beta" version, or 20.2.1 version doesn't work. I've tried another options like updating graphic driver, removing addons, etc. Doesn't work. That's just a feedback for you, but I am really interested in new patch, which could fix it. Thank you very much for your answer and effort.
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