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  1. Alright, the file has been uploaded. File is called 'TNS soft-locked.fm'
  2. I do have a copy of the savegame from the day I got the inbox item, which was Aug 19 2021. The issue happened after I was knocked out of the Euro Cup playoffs, to fall into the Group Stage of the Euro Cup 2. After I did the vacation, the EC2 group stage draw took place on Aug 27, and the registration for it took place on Sept 1. My best guess about what happened is that my Euro Cup games happened before the end of the EC2 Fourth Qualifiers, which were played on Aug 26, so the game knew I was in the EC2, but when the registration for the Fourth Qualifying round happened, I was 'participating' in the EC2, so I had to register a squad, but I wasn't in the actual round the registration was for. How should I share the save-game? The file is too large to upload to the forum.
  3. No, vanilla game. I managed to holiday for 1 day, and got past having to register the squad. But the Playoff round for the Euro Cup 2 still isn't showing up when looking at the competition, nor is there a draw day on my calendar. EDIT: Took a couple more weeks, but the Euro Cup 2 group stage has finally shown up.
  4. I have a Must Respond inbox item to register my squad for the Euro Cup 2 Playoff. However, when I click the Respond button on it, it just takes me to my Squad page, rather than the registration. I can't get to the registration via the Player's dropdown on the Squad page either. Because of this, I can't continue in my game. I've tried exiting the game and restarting it, but that hasn't helped either. Looking at the stages for the Euro Cup 2, the Playoff round isn't listed, and the previous rounds haven't been played yet. Since I can't respond to the Inbox item, I can't continue my game. I would very much like to not lose this savegame. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. EDIT: I was able to vacation for 1 day to skip having to respond to it.
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