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  1. Hi again, I've completed a hard format today and the result was the same, Now I'm uploading a new dxdiag which fm.exe is present in one of the errors. Hope it will help DxDiag1.txt
  2. I have reinstalled the windows and it is still the same, have no problem while playing other games.
  3. Hi, Unfortunately there is no crash dump file in the folder. I've attached the dxdiag file Thank you. DxDiagDogu.txt
  4. Hi, Since the update, I'm getting blue screens before and during a match. Sometimes bluescreen provides me with some info like Error code: 0xc000000e and sometimes it just collects info and restarts the computer. This problem only occurs while playing FM 2020 (haven't managed to complete a match yet, so its between 10-20 min after I launched the game). Nothing seems to be wrong with my windows installation, so I'm pretty sure that this problem is caused by FM 2020 and the last patch. Looking forward to hear your solutions. Thanks.
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