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  1. But are You sure, than winter patch will change anything in that case? Many guys from other expansions says that this is some bigger problem in general and it's in Football Manager in years. Maybe it would be better to ignore rules of promotion and degradation and just release the expansion with 7 and 8th level with teams, media and stuff? I know how You feel about Your team. My had the same issue and now play in A-klasa. Crossing my fingers for Chełmianka and hope that they will play better in second part of the season!
  2. Is there any plan to make lower levels than 6th? My favorite team is in A-klasa and I wonder is there any chance to lead them in FM 2020.
  3. You mean lowest divisions like 8 and 9th level? Don't be sorry, You're great and Your work is great. I think not only me but many, many FM fans really apreciate what You're doing. Thank You. Stay safe!
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