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  1. Any idea when there is going to be an update? 3 months and counting................
  2. Hi @Jimmy Wong, I have and it was 3 months ago. Not sure if you've read this thread? I posted a link to the one I created. I struggle to believe the issues are different as the screen shot posted on this thread is identical to the problem I've been having since I purchased the game. Smurph.
  3. @Lucas @Michael Mallia any updates on this issue? More or less 3 moths since posted and not heard anything.
  4. Here's a link to the thread, @Kyle Brown. It has already been fed back. I appreciate your support though.
  5. Hi @Kyle Brown, I have edited the data base on 2 seprate saves and the issue has happened on both. I don't use the in game editor. I've uploaded the saves on a seprate thread.
  6. To be fair @Kyle Brown thats the best up date I've had, so thank you for that. Unfortunately the same issue has happened on 3 saves. I've only competed one season since November. At least the team are aware and working on it. I guess that's all we can ask for ;-)
  7. Hey @Kyle Brown any idea on when this issue is due to be fixed? It seems to to be a well known issue that effecting a large number of people. My particual problem has been going on for well over a month with no resolution in sight.
  8. Same, I've played the game since November and only completed one season which turned out to be a waste of time due to no fixtures being generated for the follwoing season. Stared 2 new saves and the same thing has happened. I agree about no help/solution for this.
  9. I have the same issue which has been going on for 1.5 months and 3 saves.
  10. @Lucas @Michael Mallia My third save and the same thing has happened again. The game is unplayable and is now becoming extremely frustrating. I've paid a decent amount for the game and expect better if I'm honest.
  11. @Lucas I get that you can't annouce pre fixes. I suppose my main gripe is the lack of communication around issues. I've been plagued by glitches for over a month and not heard anything, even if it's a no news, we're working on it. I've searched the forum and seen another thread with the same issue and it seems related to an edited data base.
  12. There is another thread where the issues are the same and it looks like it due to an issue with a data base edit. loads of other glitches with transfers etc....... I've started all over again, so fingers crossed I don't get any issues. Glad your game has progressed ok! Keep me updated how your season pans out :-)
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