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  1. Yes the formation. Somehow I missed this word.
  2. Can you show us your using? It looks interesting.
  3. Youth Intake 2023 We actually got a decent youth player. I will give him some game time next season.
  4. August 2023 Part 2 No loss, but only one win in the cup. Place 9 to place 16 only 3 points.... Another home game, but against a tough oponent.
  5. August 2023 Part 1 Oh boy...we did some magic in the transfer window. Transfers OUT We made roughly 450k. The first two we bought as propects and loaned out. And with the players we got new, we need to get rid of a foreign striker. He was decent, but lacking the mentals for our new playstyle. Im working to cut down the 6,5 million debt asap, so I can improve the facilities and finally my coaching badges. Transfers IN YES...WE SIGNED SHINJI KAGAWA!!! Lets see how we can finish this season.
  6. July 2023 Part 2 A small little break....what time is it? Right, we need to play our friends.
  7. July 2023 Part 1 We are playing football!!! We almost beat Consadole ,also we are into the 4th round in the cup. We could use our first two new signings, Diagne had a pretty decent game. 3 points clear. Another home game against a team, we can beat.
  8. June 2023 We are playing pretty well. Massive win vs Vissel and againt Toyko we lost in the 92 Minute.... 4 points clear above the relegation places. If we can play like this and get some upgrades in the summer, I think we can stay up.
  9. May 2023 Part 2 Idk the last time when I had such a struggle. But after the close game against top of the table Consadole, I decided to delete every formation I got selected and started fresh. Im back to wingers and its working, despite not having really good ones. Its still a WIP formation, but I want to make this happen. Still third in chances created and yes, we are playing a bit aggressive.
  10. Transfer & Squad Overview 2023 Transfers OUT Yeah this is the aftermath.... Transfers IN We got some decents player. Goal Sho Oda (loan) // Riku Terakado Center Back Kim Se-Hyun (KOR/loan) // Niclas Ferber (AUT/GER) // Kai Takachi (loan) // Kazuki Shiihashi // Keisuke Nishimura Right Back Co Jeong-Hui (KOR/loan) // Yu Umeyama (loan) Left Back Yuki Nakahama (loan) // Hiroto Yoshinaga (loan) Defensiv Mids Shota Tabata (loan) // Issei Takahashi // Kohei
  11. April 2023 Yay.... Atleast to upgraded it to 15000 seats. Reality check.... We dont deserve to play in this division. Idk if we can survive. We are unable to score goals..... Our defense is pretty ****...not gonna lie. Every cross, corner or free kicks means a goals.... I think I tried to look for 4 wingers on loan in the summer, to switch things up. But idk... But the finances lookin good. XD Transfers and Squad will follow.
  12. March 2023 We got our first 6 points. We are playing pretty well, despite losing games. Once the players playing a little bit more together, I think we could stay up. The past seasons 40-36 points means staying up. This is the goal this season. Third in chances created. Like I said, we are playing pretty good.
  13. Preseason 2023 Part 6 Lets see how this season turns out. We are back to my diamond formation, since I sacrificed the wingers.
  14. I try it, but is so frustrating. We are building a new stadium, with roughly 13000 seats. The requirement for the J-League 1 are... So if the stadium is done, it needs to get extended. And the the funny part is.... Our old stadium had 30000 seats....
  15. Preseason 2023 Part 3 This **** needs to reworked. How does this help the club financial, if they dont even take the wages.
  16. Preseason 2023 Part 2 And here we go... I already trying to get some money for the wingers I got, but like I said.... If they sell Success, Im out. I cant even get players on a free....
  17. Well this might be the end of the save. Remember the chairman decided to build a NEW STADIUM FOR 17 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont want happens now, never had this in FM ever. If I lose Success, Im out.
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