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  1. 4 hours ago, flix909 said:

    @Cheez3y You doing so well, keep going. Also may i ask that which squad view are you using or where you got?

    I always use the squad view from Loki and remove or put in some stuff I want.

    I uploaded it, if you want it



    4 hours ago, Jogo Bonito said:

    @Cheez3yThanks for the detailed reply, all good to know. Keep up the good work :applause:

    Ty ty, no problem.

    I makes me want to do this save with all those comments and interactions even more.


    5 hours ago, jatko26 said:

    I'm doing a similar thing to you in Gibraltar - I've only fairly recently taken the NT job but in my experience so far the point at which they can play for the NT seems really variable.

    You have to live in Gib for 2 years to become elegible if you're otherwise British and 5 years if not - I bought a load of English Youngsters at the end of their contract (i.e. they all joined on the same day), but the days they became elegible for NT selection were all different. One was almost exactly 2 years later, some were months afterwards. I've got a couple more becoming eligble soon so I'll see what happens there....

    Enjoying following this save :)

    Sounds great.

    Gibraltar is a tough one.

    Ty Ty. :)

    1 hour ago, Yaz99 said:

    Seems like early dominance to the Asian continent. Great work. :applause:

    Ty Ty. :)

  2. 11 hours ago, Jogo Bonito said:

    Great news on Luisinho at last. So it was waiting 5 years of living in KSA that was delaying his availability? After that length of time living in The Magic Kingdom, he really deserves it ;)

    It think, it works like this. 5 years in the country to get a pass and then wait like 6 months to be eligiable.

    I will monitor it with other players.

    11 hours ago, Jogo Bonito said:

    I managed Mueanta at APOEL in Cyprus last year. If you can get him alongside Panya that would be a good thing. Do you have any special allowance for Asian players not from KSA?

    Sounds great.

    There is just a simple "7 foreign players are allowed. rule. So I need to fill those spots wisely.

    In the AFC CL u can only use 3 foreign + 1 asia foreign.

    11 hours ago, Jogo Bonito said:

    Your actual Saudi players are doing well (club and country).

    I didnt really expect that tbh.

    The league is basicly like what I call "LLM".

    You need a working tactic and gettin the right players and you dominate the small league or get promoted to the top tier pretty easy.


    The national team looks ingame pretty damn good statswise.

    They got a decent generation where they all like 26-28 y/o.

    11 hours ago, Jogo Bonito said:

    Can I ask where you got the Saudi league edited database file from?

    I use the DB from @Weiry

  3. 7920359.png.ce6a42630f25fc9a4d43ad56eb4f462c.png 

    January 2021 Part 1 - Transfers



    Napolitano left us after 1 year. Sadly he didnt show much.

    One of the fails transfer went to China in Al-Malki. We made some profit too.

    And Galeano left us too after 1 year out of loan in South Korea.

    Napolitano / Al-Malki / Galeano / Al-Zaqaan



    Ofcause I invested some of the money.


    Since we are playing in the AFC Champions League there are different registration rules.

    3 foreign + 1 asia foreign

    So I treated myself with a Thai beast.



    Cabral and Correia will join the loan army.


    The last 3 guys are project players, who will be playing in the U19 until next season.





  4. 15 hours ago, Jogo Bonito said:

    Nice work. Building a strong squad, making good youth groups, and using those SAR (Saudi Riyals) to improve your facilities. Oil money being put to good use :cool:

    Now I only need to get rid of the board plan of "Sign players and sell for profit" so they dont accept every bid.

    Despite injecting over 24 million oil money each year. :D


    The following plan I will try to follow the next years:


    - make groups of players with the same language, so they can help themself and feel themself "home"

    I got now 3 Argentines and 4 Brazilians and 1 French. Once Uvini get naturalized I got a foreign spot free.

    I got a 20 y/o French man on the shortlist from Monaco for peanuts. Same as Zagre, no youth caps and no 2nd nationality.

    In the U19 they are now 3 spanish, 1 portugues and 1 brazilian.


    - fill the youth teams with foreign yougsters

    Since there is no restrictions in the U19 or U21 league, they can freely play until 21.

    After that I use them in the squad or I will loan them out to my affiliates, which are playing in the 2nd tier.

    Then they are 4 years in the country and only 1 year to go.


    Im willing to pay under 500k or compensation for those players.

    I will take over the scouting in the next season, once I got enough scouts.

    The focus will be heavy on Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain and France.


    - Looking through tier 1 and tier 2 every December for usefull player and put them on a shortlist.

    So I can monitor them and react, if someone leaves the country to soon.


    The good news is, the smaller clubs are picking up young brazilians.

    The bad news is, they cant handle the registration rules, so 3-4 players are always not registered.

    And then ofcause transfer listed.


    - looking for bargains and free players

    The usually tings.


    14 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

    Good luck in WC!


    Idk what to expect yet.

    But since 2 out of 3 teams advancing from each group, I want into the next round.

  5. 7920359.png.ce6a42630f25fc9a4d43ad56eb4f462c.png

    Transfer & Squad Overview - Summer 2021

    Quite a busy transfers windows.

    From bargains, great players and fails, something for everyone.

    It might looks a bit much, but I had a plan, I promise. :D




    Two Saudi Internationals! One is Al-Sharani with 70+ caps.

    Giraldez was just a 18y/o free one, he is in the U19s.



    How do i explain? :D

    The only two transfer i regret...is Al-Malki, since I got 2 Saudis CM for free and the loan of Ando, but he can play in the U20.

    My plan had 4 steps:

    1. Sign good Saudi players to replace the bad ones.

    2. Sign potential Saudi Internationals

    3. Looking for bargains

    4. Sign young Spanish and Portugues player, which will be player in the U19/U21 and later loaned out the an afffiliat.



    Player for the U19/U21: Airam / Ramon / Miguel Magalhaes / Carlos Junio / David Giraldez / Dongda He

    Players for loan: Alan Cardoso / Juan / Matheus Bahia / Matias Borgogno / Antonio Napolitano





    The board accepted an bid for Halilovic. I didnt protest it, just said that there is more money to get.

    Al-Fayha took 3 players once they got promoted, one was Ruben Oliveira our DLP.

    Due to fail transfer off Bruno Uvini I had to many CBs, Al-Ittihad put in a bid for Machado.

    He is already 33 y/o, on a big wage and declining.



    But we got one good season out of him and made some money.






    Ronaldo [F] // Basil Al-Bahrani [HG] // Faris Al-Malki (Y20) [HG]

    I saw Ronaldo and I new, I found my keeper.

    Sadly the brazil coach is sniffing around despite having million GK with Alisson and Ederson at the front.


    Right Back

    Yasser Al-Sharani // Saeed Al-Dosari

    I would say the transfer of Al-Sharani was a coup

    Due to my FIFA day I know him for roughy 4-5 years. Awesome player to get on a free.


    Center Back

    Bruno Uvini [F] // Abdullah Madu // Sultan Al-Deayea // Abdullah H. Al-Shammari

    A complete new defense in Uvini and Madu.

    The fail transfer Uvini will be naturalized in roughly 220 day, so one foreign spot will open.


    Left Back

    Arthur Zagre [F] // Mohammed Al-Nakhli

    The plan was to got with Matheus Bahia into the season. But after all those transfer, he looked kinda meh.

    Then I saw Zagre listed. No youth caps, no second nationality, he could be the one in 5 years.



    DLP Jeronimo Cacciabue [F] // Mohammed Al-Fuhaid [HG]

    CM Mukhtar Ali (loan) // Abdulrahman Al-Dossari // Abdulelah Al-Malki

    Cacciabue looks like a absolut superstar.

    Ali is his 2nd year here on loan, I hope to get him on a free in the summer.



    RW Lucas Necul [F] //Ali Al-Zaqaan // Taqfiq Bu Humaid

    LW -  Lucas Rodriguez [F] // Abdulrahman Ghareeb

    Necul looks like a star too. No youth caps for him too.

    Rodriguez got his first year almost completed.



    Ribamar [F] // Luisinho [N] // Mohammed Al-Sahlawi // Saqer Otaif

    I know Ribamar since he was here in Germany couple years ago.

    Sadly he couldnt do much here, since he got injured and 1860 Munich got relegated.

    Then he became a bit of a mercenary playing basicly just for money. He already got 1 1/2 years of the clock here in Saudi Arabia.

    Also we signed the veteran Al-Sahlawi, which I know like Al-Sharani from FIFA.


    [F] = Foreign // [HG] = Home Grown // [N] = Naturalize


  6. 15 minutes ago, Jogo Bonito said:

    Yeah that is strange and would be a big obstacle.

    Fun fact: Possibly the best player in the Middle East was Saudi-born (in Riyadh)......but isn't eligible to play for the KSA national team.

    Reason? He has been capped by UAE (many times) - Omar Abdulrahman.

    The interesting thing about it for me is that when I was working there even my Saudi colleagues had no idea he had been born in KSA or that they had 'lost' the most talented player of an entire generation. Going with the nationalised Brazilians is definitely a smart way to improve the Saudi national team (some of the other Gulf states did it with Africans).

    Yes the legendary Abdulrahman.

    He is back "home", he is played at Al-Ahli


    He wanted 30k per week.

    If not he would be playing for Al-Fateh. :D

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