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  1. the only work around i have found is loaning the player out and offering them a deal while they're out on loan.
  2. I'm not sure I have a save from when I offered the original contracts, but I have my current save, where when I try to apply for work permits for 2 of my players or even renew their contracts, it just gets denied?
  3. my player cant get a work permit despite being on double the amount of money needed to get one??? says he needs to be on 3k p/w and hes on 8k p/w
  4. sorry for the slow reply but ive uploaded the file - Rangers (LA Galaxy) thanks
  5. i agree, this happens to me all the time, they'll offered way more for a loan, and pay his wages in full, its weird
  6. when i remove the tick on the interested transfer box no players show up anymore, where everyone player used to, like mpabbe, messi and ronaldo? i have both world scouting for players and youth?
  7. i have one from the start of the season, i will simulate through and see what he does. I have uploaded one from the start of the season "LA Galaxy Broken.fm" as i cant simulate through to august because when im on holiday my injured players are being automatically waived.
  8. Im playing as LA Galaxy in the MLS, and out of nowhere i received and email saying i have failed season objectives and another email saying my players are now unhappy. but as you can see my season isnt over yet, and i have already won up the MLS normal season?? https://ibb.co/GcnRTMB https://ibb.co/tZw4RCR https://ibb.co/4ptWDCq
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