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  1. How much effecive is the new preset? Thanks you very much.
  2. there are many of us who greatly value your work, that is why we are eager to know the new configurations
  3. Which is your apreciation about a newgen with 130/140 of PA in Premier League?
  4. First part of the season with cerber, the second with aniquilator. I won Champions League, Serie A and Italy Cup. This is an online save, I am Sassuolo. My friend, Udinese, just doesn't beleave it. Thanks you TFF. As Marcelo Gallardo says "People have to believe"
  5. When comparing players for the same position according to the filters, which player is better, the one that has for example 13-13-13-13-13 or one that is 17-17-9-9-13? Do you understand my question? In the end I won the Champions League with my Sassuolo. In the final I beat Manchester United 3 to 0. Thanks you a lot!
  6. Do you know what i mean? Maybe any advice on what kind of players to choose for personality, morality, fitness, or some special attribute. Or something to keep in mind to win finals. THANKS, your tactics really rocks
  7. Hello again, my FM friend. In my Sassuolo save i will play my second Champions League's final. The first one I estupidly lost against Juventus and then I lose the final of the word clubs cup against Chelsea by the same way. Both of them with your tactics. Now, I will play a new final against Manchester United. Any suggestions outside the tactics?
  8. As i said before, 4 4 2 still working for me. Could destroyer be back?
  9. Destroyer still working perfect in my Sassuolo save. Any time i had changed the tactic, estupidilly I lost, so... maybe you would try another time with Destroyer
  10. Uffff... i went really good with Destroyer in my Sassuolo in beta me. I just wanna know if its efficiency still being so well in the new me. Thanks. I am really scared to change the tactics right now
  11. So, do you think it's a good idea try something like this?: punisher most of time, executioner when I'm losing in the last minutes and wasting time tactic in case i want to keep the result? Thank you
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