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  1. Here is the link to my corner and throw in glitch/match engine beater... whatever you call it. Enjoy it all!
  2. Anyone using the new corner and throw in edits? I score at least 3 goals from corner kicks or throw ins each game lol it's broken.
  3. I just finished my first season with Fiorentina undefeated. All wins ! not even a tie! Won everything on my WAY!
  4. Using Cerber V4, absolutely destroyed Madrid in the Champions League Final. I let my assistant take control of team talks, opp instructions ( he has high tactical knowledge ) and also let him do the team instructions during the game.
  5. I am going to test it with my Arsenal and get back to you guys later tonight! Starting with my next game against Aston Villa at home. 13th game of the league.
  6. Great opening to a new season with my new team Arsenal, We are going to do great things. OIs used.
  7. I have been testing this out and It's been working very good for me. I have been tackling hard and showing onto weak foot of dangerous players and that usually shuts them down.
  8. Got hired by Schalke when they were struggling towards the end of the season but still managed to qualify for the Europa league with what I had Grabbed couple of players with the great budget they provided to me and now I am destroying it. I use Opposition Instructions when i am facing a strong team but if I think I am the favorite, I don't use any. and let my assistant manager do the team talks etc ( has 20 motivating ) Here's a few screenshots. Great tactic if you know what you are doing ( Using Cerber V4 ) My best Current 11 and Schedule.
  9. Hi all, I apologize if this is not the right place to post this... I have been playing Football Manager series since 01/02 I always bought my games, and been buying Football Manager series on Steam since 2012... As a loyal customer i'd love to see some kind of " discount " or hey maybe " Here you go! Thank you for being a loyal customer, Football Manager 20 is half off for you! " or " FM 2020 gifted to you for being a loyal customer ! " but NOTHING! It's a little upsetting and for the first time in my football manager career, i might just stop playing this game all t
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