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  1. Haven't posted here in a while, but already in 2042/2043. Last season ended with 5th place in la liga, cup final and europa league semi final (eliminated against Juventus/Zebre). Here are some key players too:
  2. End of the fourth season in second division pro A, another mid table finish. Got a golden generation this time and the board sold my first player in an awful deal.... Best youngster:
  3. Season 5 finished. Once again, finishing in 14th. Gustavao Vadillo and Pablo are now my better players, despite Pablo not playing well this season. Youth intake this year was bad, i only had one Golden generation in 5 years. Finances are in really bad shape, but the board didn't force me to sell anyone yet, wich is preety good. Best youngster:
  4. Finished the 4th season. After finishing 13th last season on the spainish thierd tier, i finished 13th this season. Once again a decent youth intake but my finances are really out of shape. Best youngster:
  5. Finished season 3 and managed to stay up. Preety calm season, finished mid table with Antonio Fernandez being again the top scorer of the league. Youth intake was decent, specially because i finally have some decent right backs, the position I had less quality in. Best youngster:
  6. Tried to move around some players to the B team, can do it without any problems unless i am not in a tranfer window
  7. Season 2 is over. Spainish 4th tier is really hard but we made. 90 teams playing for only 4 promotion spots. Managed to finish 3rd in the regular season but beat Atletico Bilbao C and Pontevedra in the playoffs and got promoted, despite the board only expecting top half. Finances are really bad, I´m afraid i will lose a lot of players this season. Antonio Fernandez has been instrumental in the last 2 years, with 77 goals in total. Julian Garcia 21A and Pablo 22B are my best newgens right now. Got a decent intake this season, i am having a lot of fun with Toledo. Best yo
  8. Decent first season. Board expected me to get top half, managed to get 7th with a squad of 19 playes (only 2 centre backs and 2 full backs and 4 or 5 silver star players pllaying more than 15 games). First intake was preety good so next season should be easier. Best youngster:
  9. There was squads with 7 or 8 players. I choose the one with the most players, it had 19. Not great and had to play a lot of players out of position but it's working well, not been fired and i'm already in April
  10. Try nº2 in Spain. Should be fun, predicted to finish 5th
  11. Hey guys. Going to try this again this year, starting in denmark (4th tier). Starting in Silkeborg KFUM, an amateur side predicted to finish 6th in the danish 3rd division (4th tier)
  12. End of season 3 After a great start with 6 in 6 matches, we only got 15 points from the other 24 matches. Last match was against the team that finished 13th and we would be safe from relegation if we won by 4 goals. My board decided to sell one of my promising strikers for 425k. The intake was not very good and I don't see any of the palyers making it to the senior team. The best player was, once again Chornyi, but there were other plaayers having good seasons. Goal for next season is mid-table. The board also anounced plans to build a new stadium.
  13. End of Season 2 We were able to get promoted in second place, with the top goalscorer in the league. Next year we will play in the firt tier and it will be really hard to stay up. Our youth intake was really good with a lot of good players ( the best are Guzenko and Mironenko).
  14. End of Season 1 After a great start in the league (we were first for a while), we started dropping some games and eventually finished 6th (predicted was 14th). Golden generation in the intake with some high potentia players such as Semen Chornyi and Andi Tairi ( Andi was a starter in the end of the season)
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