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  1. End of season 3 After a great start with 6 in 6 matches, we only got 15 points from the other 24 matches. Last match was against the team that finished 13th and we would be safe from relegation if we won by 4 goals. My board decided to sell one of my promising strikers for 425k. The intake was not very good and I don't see any of the palyers making it to the senior team. The best player was, once again Chornyi, but there were other plaayers having good seasons. Goal for next season is mid-table. The board also anounced plans to build a new stadium.
  2. End of Season 2 We were able to get promoted in second place, with the top goalscorer in the league. Next year we will play in the firt tier and it will be really hard to stay up. Our youth intake was really good with a lot of good players ( the best are Guzenko and Mironenko).
  3. End of Season 1 After a great start in the league (we were first for a while), we started dropping some games and eventually finished 6th (predicted was 14th). Golden generation in the intake with some high potentia players such as Semen Chornyi and Andi Tairi ( Andi was a starter in the end of the season)
  4. Going for a 8th try this year, now in Ukraine, hope i can make it this time
  5. Started this save on the beta. I am now in 2025 playing for the first time in the asian champions league with Huanghai. 4-2-4 is really strong in asia, for the first time in years i am playing basically route one and it's working.
  6. 2023/2024 End of season report Ended in mid table again, 9th place this time. This season was really similar to the last one. Best regen players were Aydin (once again) and De Boeck.
  7. I was fired from maniaspor jut after 7 games, turkey is hard
  8. of 2022/2023 season The season started with a good run in the cup, reaching the 6th round. In the league we were able to avoid relegation by 9 points, getting 39 (3 more than the last 2 seasons). Liked a lot the evolution of benmoussa and Aydin. In their first year in the team they were able to make a difference being starters. We scored a lot less than last years, due to losing my 2 best strikers but we were able to concede a lot less too. The youth intake was preety good too, another goloden generation (3 in 3).
  9. End of 2021/2022 season After a bad start in the cup, being eliminated in the fourth round, i managed to finishi in the same postion in the league and with the same points of last year (11th with 36 points). I have the second best attack in the league but also the worse defense. Sadly the board decided to sell my 17 years old striker for 50 k ( he had scored 13 in 20 in the league). Damblon wwas the best goalscorer in the league with 20 goals. I got another golden generation with some nice players, specially a serbian left back and a leaft winger.
  10. End of season 2020/2021 With the goal of this season being avoinding relegation, i managed to finished in 11th. My run in the cup was also good, being eliminated in the sixth round by anderlecht. The board agreed to improve the youth facilities but the intake was still nothing special, despite Jensen, Boon and desmet seeming like promising player.
  11. I almost lost Lomen because he had no contract but he is preety good and have a decent potential, he is the best CB of my back 3 so far
  12. After getting sacked from turkey i decided to try this in Belgium. The team i chose eas Lienen and there is alreadya regen there that can make a mark for this team
  13. Predicted to finish mid table but managed to lose the first seven matches.
  14. Got fired of maniaspor in Turkey after 7 games, retrying in Belgium
  15. After my save in greece got corrupted, i decided to start a new one in Turkey. The team i chose was maniaspor, from manisa, a team in the west of asian turkey. Media prediction is 12th but the board only wants me to not get relegated.
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