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  1. Summary: Game refusing to process beyond the "Match Preview" prompt Description of Issue: At the point where the game goes to the day's matches, and prompts "Match Preview" rather than "Continue", the game refuses to respond to any attempts to continue, be it clicking on the "Match Preview" button or using the Spacebar shortcut, it will only navigate back to the matches in the competition page if on another page, but no further. As far as I know, there's no way to force the game into the Match Preview or Lineup pages, so as far as I can see, this is a game-breaking bug. Everything should be fully patched and up to date, and while there's some content from outside the official game, such as graphics and name change fixes, there's nothing which I can imagine having such a drastic effect. The Editor is active, however, it's only been used to make all players and staff visible in the search, and check the attributes for a few players who were fog of warred. I am running on Steam with the launch options: --user_data_location="D:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020" -small_screen -windowed The save file has been uploaded to your ownCloud at about 15:19 GMT as "Andorra.fm", thanks for looking, I hope there's something you can do!
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