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  1. I arranged with my friend to test the same setup (same game, same network, same pcs) again this morning at a time that is definitely outside peak hours. For testing we both tried being host, and the other one joining. Results are similar regardless of who is hosting (i.e. the non-host having the lag). The results were: Test: From the squad screen, click a player and measure how long before the player screen is loaded. Yesterday (monday) evening around 9pm BST: roughly 5 second delay This morning (tuesday) around 8am BST: roughly 1 second delay This morning there were approximately 50 (40 FM + 10 FMT) network games visible when joining up. I do not have the number of games for last night. We are playing FM Touch by the way. Anyway, the preliminary conclusion is that it seems to heavily correlated to the server stress, since the game is playable outside of peak hours, but unplayable within peak hours. Let me know if you need additional tests/information?
  2. I have the exact same issue driving me nuts. Both players are on very powerful desktop PCs, and with great internet. It has been a problem for me with laggy network play for at least a couple of years. Tonight was going to be the first FM2020 online game with a friend...but we had to stop quickly because the game was unplayable for the non-host (5+ seconds to enter individual player screens from the squad screen). Feels like we have tried everything
  3. That part is relatively easy solvable for the majority of the users by having pre-defines feature templates. The easiest example would be to have "Full fat" and "FM touch" feature templates, with a button next to it, taking you to a screen where you can enable/disable all modules. For the majority the templates are sufficient, and if not, you take a little time to change it (and save it as your custom playstyle for later games). However making the game modular might be a quite daunting project depending on the features inter-dependencies.
  4. To be honest...if possible the best solution have always been to have full fat FM being completely modular. However that IS a pain to complete, since you would have to make sure every possible configuration of "selectable features" works correctly, have no unforeseen dependencies, and/or does not have imbalances where it is always good/bad to use it.
  5. Another year, another letdown....must be getting used to it by now....I have played FM/CM since 1992, but more and more I find myself hesitant to pick up newer versions these days. I appreciate Neil clearly stating they want to take the game in another direction. Which is fine. It is their product, and they are entitled to follow their design visions...but then just dont fill us with PR BS of listening to the userbase Because this is clearly not the case in this regard. For an editor I believe there are two very distinct use cases: - People who wants pre-game editors allowing for creating custom databases/leagues - People who wants to edit save games, i.e. removing injuries, changing positions, giving money etc. The latter already have plenty of options from third party save game editors. The former is what I believe most of the people wanting a FMT editor want....at least those pushing for it year after year :). The pregame editor also does not as heavily influence unlockables as the save-game editor.
  6. Just to clarify, my post was actually only aimed at the not answered community prayers regarding being able to use custom databases in FMT (like in full fat FM), not in regards to having in-game editor access. And no-one is claiming it is something that is implemented overnight. However it should not be an impossible task to implement (for PC). If it is, then I will claim they have some quite sub-optimal design decisions regarding their overall data architecture. However at the end of the day it is a business decision. If they felt it would improve the game experience enough for enough people then they would implement it. And looking at it from the outside it has always seemed like their vision is to cater for the PC crowd with FM, and the tablet/mobile/cross-device crowd with FMT. The PC fans, who for whatever reason prefer the Touch version to the full fat version does not seem a priority segment for them. And thus features which does only apply to PC FMT users is less likely to be implemented. It sucks if you are part of that particular user group, but it is their prerogative.
  7. Is it known yet if there are editions of FM20 for PC, which will also include a copy of FMT? This has been the case previously....
  8. Well it is a bit of a stretch saying they listen....custom db access has probably been the most wanted FMT feature more or less every year since the inception of FMT/C. For whatever reason they have purposely not implemented it despite the wishes of the fans. There can be sound logic behind not doing so, but the fact of the matter is that they have so far not listened to probably the most requested feature.
  9. Heya, I found this thread from fmt17: Is it possible to enable the Skin colour tab in the menu for FMT19 as well? The main reason I want the tab is to change the color ranges/intervals, not the colors themselves...if that is possible to do by adding a few lines in a skin setting.xml, then please share how The FMT17 file did (obviously) not work I assume it is due to changes in the menu from back then? /casper
  10. Yup instant result off course would speed things up. However that is equally in both versions. I typically watch 90-95% of the matches since that is the where result/progress of your 'hard' work in tactics/scouting/training is seen. Only exceptions are friendlies, and sometimes league games with nothing on the line in the end of the season (after winning promotion/league) Anyway, I decideded to buy the regular FM2019 version this time (getting FMT as well). So now I can test out how big a difference there is in my preferred play style. I did a quick test trying to just holiday half a season in both FM and FMT and comparing how long it takes. In both cases I loaded all the Italian/Spanish/English leagues, picked Leyton Orient as team, and holidayed until January 1st. In FMT it took 17 minutes, while in FM it took 22 minutes....However sadly the results are not really useful since I was fired in both games . In the FMT game the board sacked me on December 6th, while in the FM game they went to action on October 8th. I assume holiday'ing is much faster while unemployed, so my guestimate is that holiday'ing in FMT is roughly twice as fast as in the full fat version. I guess I will just have to start a real save in full fat FM to figure out if it is suitable for me personally and/or my network games.
  11. is that if you control everything in the full-fat game?
  12. As many others in here I transitioned to a more streamlined and faster pace of FM Touch 3-4 years ago. I play both solo, but also always have a save going with a friend. In both those 'game types' I prefer to start at the bottom working our way from zero to hero with the same club. However there are woefully few options for doing that without custom databases, due to very few leagues having more than 3 league tiers. Thus as may others I am very much hoping for the support for Custom Databases as soon as possible. Anyway, I got thinking about what the actual differences are in "relative time spent per season" between FMT and FM currently (2018 or 2019)....Anyone have an estimate about it? If the time it takes to complete 1 season (playing all matches) in FM Touch is index 100, how long does it then roughly take to play one season in: - FM with assistant manager handling all the 'fluff' things, i.e. things that were cut from FMT. - FM where you handle everything yourself. Are we talking 20% more or 200% more? So what I am essentially asking is...how streamlined and FMT'ish can you make FM? If you delegate to your assistant manager, are you then btw forced to read news about all the outcomes, or can you chose not to be notified what they chose in the news feed?
  13. +1 for the Custom Database question.... Are there any plans on allowing this for the PC version of Touch at least? The Touch version is just so much more suited for network games due to the decreased time to complete a season. The (advanced) option of using custom databases would make it even more perfect. There should not really be any technical reason for this limition (at PC at least)
  14. Sweet! I just tested it... and it appears to work. Applying unlockables to a single player game and converting the game to a network/online game seems to preserve the unlockables! (even though I cannot access the store anymore ). This is really perfect for me, thanks a lot Lucas! PS: Is this a well-known feature/work-around? I have tried searching for ways to do it the previous years, but have never seen it mentioned in forums...
  15. Would that allow me to keep for instance the Work permit unlockable active while in online mode?
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