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  1. Shame you FM. I buyed Nintendo just for FM and now I must play broken game. Teriblle
  2. I agree, we need talk in half time or during a match with our players
  3. When I put my joycons on console they don’t work, just touch. but when I take them off they work in game. Where is the problem?
  4. 13€ is mobile version, I buyed for Switch and mobile and diffirents are big. Switch version is ‘full version’ mobile is fast version with small number of leagues
  5. I will buy tommorow, I played 7 years on PC and Mobile but now I don’t have much time so I buyed Switch just for FM. What I see on YT I’m satisfied and I think game will be great. Can’t wait relese !
  6. Sorry If Im boring and if you answer before on this question but I must ask..few weeks ago I buyed Nintendo Switch v2, primary for FM because I don’t have time be home and play FM on PC and because mobile version is boring to me. I decide to get Switch for Touch version, so now is 5.12 and nothing about switch version yet, my question is just will you put out on store FM20 or we will must wait for potentialy FM21 ? If yes, will this game cooming soon or I will not miss if I buy FM19 for 35€. Im patient but nervos too. Please answer to me
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