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  1. Managing Philadelphia Union my B-Team (Bethlehem Steel) don't show up as affiliates in the in-game editor for me. Anyone else have this issue too?
  2. the game keeps crashing before my first match with any new career. I tried all the fixes I could find so far and it keeps happening. Here's the latest crash dump: FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.05 21.32.57).dmp
  3. I just started a career as the Philadelphia Union in Major League Soccer and have a couple questions regarding my B team and Youth Academy. Firstly, for my youth academy (Under 18's) I can't seem to alter the training or tactics/formation for them...is it possible to? And for my B team, no matter who has control of training, I can only alter tactical instructions, not the formation or mentality....I can move players around between positions, but not alter the positions. Is this normal? Also regarding the B team...since their actual league isn't in the game, am I stuck with them
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