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  1. Good luck with that. I have hundredths of reloads ATM, only got about 60% of the teams. Two successive promotions would be very unlikely. And time consuming to reload.
  2. Per the new rules you can load as many nations as you would like. You can sim two seasons, as long as you take over a team that just got promoted that season. I'm unsure what the point of that would be though. Stats between 8-10 are good. Really good stats start at 12. What you'll often find is a good player with a huge flaw, or a player that's ok-ish in attributes overall. And later on, I will continue my Folkestone save. Had a few issues playing, but will invest the time later. Damned board takeover took a few weeks of my first real transfer period. 😱
  3. I suspect the ones of 1750 and above are all feassable to obtain. The ones below that would requitre a lot of luck. Like I said: I'll keep at it. Feel free to add the ones you like to your post.
  4. Thanks! I got one more again, so now I have 55 teams. It will take forever to get more, as these are increasingly harder to get. But I'll keep at it. Dowload link.
  5. I think it's best to do just that, even though I suspect there are always those who cheat. Some put a lot of effort into recruiting the right players for their team, micro-manage training,.. There's no way to tell who's cheating so it's best to assume everyone's playing as honest as you are yourself, denkt ge niet? This being said, I abandoned my Barwell save a after a few months in game. I learned the new mechanics and am now confident I can do better in my next save. I went for Peterborough but after a few nights reloading, I couldn't get them. I went with Folkestone in stead. Should be challenging enough. Anyone looking for a save game, I have 60%+ of the teams oploaded. I commit myself to reloading a few times every evening to get even more.
  6. Update. Got a few more teams after a few more loads. I think getting them all will be out of the question as these are getting harder and harder to pop up. I'll get a few more at least though. Download via dropbox.
  7. Tons of respect to you. Keep on going, you'll manage. It's a more satisfying story if it takes time.
  8. Awesome. The best game I ever had in FM was my save with Redditch for tghe dafuge challenge a few years ago. I'm now getting up to speed with FM, after a few years hiatus. When I'm going to dive straight in as well. I anounced I would with Barswell but that game already went sour. Best fo luck!
  9. Right, I'm also starting a structured upload of savegames with as many as possible teams ready to go. for those interested, I can make them available in the near future. Here's the current state of the project. All saves have all of the UK & Ireland loaded + everything in England. Newest status: https://imgur.com/InGH4FI Download link: dropbox
  10. Barwell FC has found a new manager in Steve Djohnson, an unkown Belgian manager. the players
  11. Currently holidaying. Will be picking some of the first teams I come across this year. Itching to get a good FM run after Loren then 3 years. Almost got in the premiership with Redditch on FM 2018. Fingers crossed. 😁
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