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  1. This is still happening Currently 2-2 in the Europa Cup quarters against Sporting Lisbon, and having made subs, the game runs into penalties, the subs never materialised.......and now I'm stuck on penalties and can't continue Done the home screen, F5, Space bar Running the latest patch, and no skins etc From playing against teams which have average players run around like Messi, Goals scored past my goalkeeper from 50 yards...... World class midfielders who can't pass 5yards or tackle....... Players who get upset at the strike of a clock to this lousy bug which means I have to restart and lose 3 months...... This is the worst Football Manager I have ever owned This game needs a huge overhall, every 3 years a match engine that works, and just release a transfer update
  2. but did anything actually get done?? I have a a 2nd gen i7, 8 gb ram and its on the latest patch.........and believe me, nothing is slower than team meetings....... god knows how i click on the individual comments.......(like when 13 players have something to say etc) and second guessing their mood........is like trying to work out a woman
  3. One thing I don't really like is the way the training is now. I used to like arranging my own schedules with the sliders.... telling them to do more shooting, concentrate on set pieces etc now all I seem to be able to do is tell people what to focus on........ Also Have they allowed a player to be taken off if injured (dragging him off the pitch) when all subs are used?? That stopped me in my tracks (just wouldn't let me out of the teamtalk screen in extra time).......on FM2012 - made me have to go back to beginning of season
  4. Just on the Demo - Can't get used to the layout, too much change, as for the Match Engine - Its like some crazy pinball game, with every team (Tours, MBoro, Notts County, Espanyol all playing like Barcelona against me (Arsenal) in the pre-season friendlies..........can't buy a player for toffee, nor sell half the squad, players pinging it around the pitch, but can't control a 5 yard pass, lousy shooting, (Giroud being upset for NOTHING) injuries galore, oh and two sendings off in the first match...against spurs........... Oh and this stupid DLC from steam - garbage...... The only thing i want from DLC - is a huge official database from 1992-2002 as an allstar game.......... with the fully patched FM07 or FM10 engine..........and less ambiguous (need to be sigmund freud) team talks......or a 1990 players onwards Retro using CM03-04 updated for windows 7 (runs horrid without XP) Verdict on FM13 - rubbish - unless some major patch improves the game, I won't be buying this (first time I would have missed one since 2009)
  5. Where in the game setting preferences is it?? Is it available in the demo??? I cannot get to grips with the new layout, after years of getting to grips with the other layout, after CM03-04
  6. I'm Struggling - maybe the updated database of players and stats...... and the match engine...... but - my god the transfers annoy me
  7. I bought myself a SONY Viao VPCF22 , i7 quad core processor, 6GB, GT540, Blu-ray, 16'4 Full HDDisplay+ screen and it blazes through FM12, 20-30 leagues, large database no issue - Shame sony disabled the HD3000 chip - 1200 quid of laptop for 700 pounds new in currys (just before F23 was released) Sadly, I'm not enjoying the transfer/agent dealings (get rid) and I hate steam annoying me when i try login to FM2012 (saying it cant connect when its in OFFLINE mode) Please SI, any other form of verification, just not steam..... Back to FM10 I think
  8. Don't do it..........Play FM10 and avoid the dreaded STEAM activation and the annoying way the agents deny you any opportunity to sign players.....
  9. Cheers I do use Photoshop CS-5/Illustrator through work and plan on using music editing software...... so i wonder if they will be the straw that breaks the intel 3000's back.
  10. Im all about the 2D and watching the dots run about in the FM series, but Id still like to see the 3D if i choose to in all its (so i hear) power hungry glory. but Ive never owned a laptop without decent dedicated graphics and wonder and worry about the Intel 3000HD being able to process HD footage, or DVD's and iplayer type stuff, and run future software....... Its gotta last me a fair few years...... May go with this Toshiba satellite L775 i5 2430M 2.4 ghz, 6gb RAM Intel 3000HD integrated graphics with upto 1696mb (guess thats borrowed from the RAM) So, should that run me a huge database and lots of leagues on FM2012 and power through the seasons fast??? and what about earlier versions, like FM10, and the CM 01-02 / 03-04 series??
  11. Is the 2nd gen i5 chip with Integrated graphics, much more than a 2nd gen i3 with 1gb of dedicated graphics??
  12. Cheers Ishu (are you some kinda pc expert?) The RAM will help with other tasks including photo editing and video software Ive also found a HP Pavilion dv6-6052ea with a i7-2630QM with a potential Radeon 6490M Edit The 6052sa was in clearance, but seems to have gone.............Bugger - would have run FM2012 beautifully
  13. Anyone got advice for either a HP Pavilion dv6-6176sa Intel® Core™ i3-2310M processor (2.1 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache) with a dedicated HD Radeon 6490m 1gb, and 4GB RAM (although I may boost to 8gb) 204 Pin SO DIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz or a Sony VAIO VPCEH1S0E 15 Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Processor - 2.30 GHz with Turbo Boost - up to 2.90 GHz - 3MB L3 Cache but with Intel 3000 HD integrated graphics or thirdly Lenovo Ideapad Z570 with a i5-2410M - 2.3 GHz Clock Speed - 3MB Cache 4GB RAM and Intel 3000 HD graphics HELP!
  14. Im looking at replacing my laptop with one of either of these Intel® Core™ i3-2310M processor (2.1 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache) with a dedicated HD Radeon 6490m 1gb, and 4GB RAM (although I may boost to 8gb) 204 Pin SO DIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/hp-pavilion-dv6-6176sa-15-6-laptop-steel-grey-10783799-pdt.html or a 1st Gen Intel® Core™ i5-460M Processor - 2.53 GHz - 2.5 GT/s DMI - 3MB Smart Cache with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 310M-1GB, and 4gb RAM http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/toshiba-satellite-a660-1fh-refurbished-16-laptop-black-08527280-pdt.html So any tips? 2nd gen i3, or 1st gen i5 and which graphics card? Im off to buy it in the morning...... I want to be able to run plenty of leagues, players and get a good rating for FM2012 and the older versions. Cheers in advance
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