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  1. You are providing a specific logic to a game AI that it doesn't really have. Let's be honest. That they are paying him 30 pounds a week at Celtic! This is a mockery
  2. I think the game is turning into "a boat trip" for experienced players (I've been since fm15): -If you are clear that you have to form a team with positive personalities (determined, professional, etc.) -If you maintain high morale through individual or group meetings - If you use the same equipment over and over again without doing rotations (it is remarkable to see that although your players get very tired, they almost never get injured) - Using gegenpress tactics also makes the game much easier (many times the game forces you to do it because other tactics do not work) -The first seasons are usually more difficult but as you advance 3 or 4 seasons the AI starts to make useless transfers and the difficulty is diluted (it does not cover the players that lose, it simply often pays a lot of money for players with prestige) - It is also observed that the AI hires employees worthy of semi-professional leagues for Premier League level teams. (a lot of work to do with AI) With this that after following these tips, you can reach the top quickly. Last year playing with Bolton I reached the Champions League after 7 seasons (starting from L1 and with -12 points)
  3. << bugs are part of the charm of the product >> I keep this historical sentence
  4. You are confusing efficiency with gameplay, so it is difficult for us to agree. And another time I will repeat it, if all the software have errors but windows 10 was created to develop over the years. FM21 is only going to be one year old, of which we have been around for almost 4 months and it has countless bugs How do I have to feel (after what happened last year) when I confided once more with Sigames and the same story repeats itself? I think this is the point One comes to the conclusion that this is no accident and that this is his work guide. And I sincerely hope that it is not so. Time will tell
  5. 1. He disfrutado FM15 desde entonces y puedo decir que FM20 fue un desastre en el ME, pero al menos planteó desafíos. FM21 es el juego más aburrido que he jugado en años. Un buen ME pero una IA desastrosa, malas estadísticas y una interfaz dolorosa. 2. Como consumidor experimentado y viendo lo mismo que sucedió el año pasado, ¿qué esperanza puedo tener cuando en marzo de 2020 dejaron de actualizar y dejaron un ME aburrido y roto donde se marcaron 8/10 goles de cabeza? 3. Si Sigames no tiene la capacidad de desarrollar un juego estable y sin errores todos los años, deje de hacerlo. Busque alternativas. Nuestro dinero es importante para ellos pero más importante para nosotros. Respecto a la evolución del juego, no olvidemos que todos los años compramos el juego donde hay dos países (más o menos) con los derechos adquiridos (escudos, nombres de clubes y estadios, etc. y el resto se quedan sin derechos) . Básicamente pagamos por una nueva máscara y transferencias. La evolución de esta saga debería ser mucho mayor conociendo los años que llevan trabajando en ella Por cierto, parece que les gustó la analogía del pan, gracias amigos
  6. Lo resumiría en pocas palabras: no tienen competencia And do not talk to me about streamers, websites, magazines, etc. they all give them money to speak well, please
  7. you mean to play for juventus and win it all?, ¡¡¡congratulations !!!
  8. So what's the point of doing a long-term save if a lot of statistics aren't being saved and the AI is a huge disaster? What's the point of playing? What's the point if no new newgens are going to emerge in a few years? What is the point of buying the game in advance and waiting 4 months for a solution? This is not Fifa or Pes. This is an immersion game that is not meeting your expectations. This is reportable to the consumer ombudsman. And I already know how this video game market works. You put out a game and now companies have a margin to say "oooh sorry we're working on it". But things get complicated when we are talking about a game that is published year after year and that works halfway for 4-5 months.
  9. I'm going to make an analogy too Let's imagine we have a nice neighborhood bakery in a small town The locals buy the bread daily because it is of quality and good, the baker has a very good relationship with the customer One day that town, thanks to (insert reason here) became touristy The baker has to sell more loaves and because of that the quality of his bread decreases The baker is happy to receive his money and to please the new customers, but loyal consumers notice a decrease in the quality of the bread. Loyal consumers ask him why the bread is worse than before and the baker gets angry and tells them that why do they tell him that, it is bread that can be eaten Then one day (insert reason here) the town ceases to be touristy and the baker almost runs out of customers and the loyal consumers have forgotten their old trusted baker End
  10. It is an exaggeration but I understand your point my friend. We have had a product for almost 4 months that is not working properly and we have every right to come here to complain. If they want to dismantle our arguments with comments like "ohhh what an analogy", etc ... there are them. The faithful consumer will go away little by little and they will regret it
  11. ¿Qué falta de respeto es esta para culpar al consumidor de los errores de una empresa? Es hilarante.
  12. Veamos cómo explico esto ... Somos clientes, pagamos 50e por un producto, no somos probadores. Pagamos por tener un producto terminado que tiene una vida útil muy limitada. Aún así, la gente no ha dejado de publicar contenido en el foro de errores desde que se lanzó el juego. No entiendo tu posicion
  13. Well, I just won't buy the game. Even so I will enter this way because it is a good forum full of demanding people. Conformist people rarely enter this forum
  14. It would be good if you did not accept the literality of the word broken. If a game is based on statistics and those statistics are not reflecting the data correctly they cause the AI to not work correctly which destroys the IMMERSION Of course you can play it, of course you can enjoy it in a simple way, BUT NOT IN A DEEP AND COMPLETE WAY
  15. FELICIDADES I am not going to elaborate much on the answer. Simply saying that a game that is based on spreadsheets, statistics that give life to an AI and that has errors in these aspects will ALWAYS be broken
  16. More than a month without playing FM21. The game has been out for 3 months and is still broken. Now they say that until March nothing (and we'll see how the new patch works). If we see the useful life that this game has is 6 months for 50e ... Next year I wait for epic games to release it for free in September and I will have the game patched and free. I really don't care about the new transfers or IF THEY HAVE PUT A NEW WINDOW WHERE I CAN KISS MY PLAYER. From a management game I value that the statistics work and that the AI does not have mental retardation and that this is reflected in the ME Not a euro more to Sigames (I have tattooed this on my arm)
  17. Do you see normal that you have 20 players with ratings above 7? Because I had the same problem with Valencia CF and I find it boring to win so easily without having signed anyone
  18. It seems that some have low grade problems and others totally the opposite. For example, I had the qualifications like you, but I think that those qualifications do not fit reality. How is it possible to have such positive ratings? The matter is twisted when you are managing Valencia CF xd (as is my case)
  19. enter FM21 after more than two weeks without playing + see that there is no update + exit the game edit: I just read from my last comment (page 74) to here and the summary is: complaints, complaints and more complaints. edit 2: thanks to the moderator for editing my comment to the liking of Sigames
  20. Vuelvo a jugar un partido después de dos semanas después de ver que se han actualizado ... He usado jugadores del equipo b ... Please consider implementing levels of difficulty because this is very boring. sssssssss
  21. They have removed the widgets for putting the dugout and now there is less information. You can't consult your second coach whenever you want, which seems stupid to me. Only when AI wants to. I understand your frustration, it is one of my complaints this year
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