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  1. Thankd for your reply. I've been training attacking for the last 2-3 weeks with around 3 chance conversion sessions per week and they don't seem to be doing much. Also, what finishing trait do you recommend? Personally I would try to train my strikers to place shots but I'm not sure which PPM is most effective for finishing. Also, what striker roles do you recommend? Striker roles are always the hardest for me to get right. Ideally I'd like to keep a PF, should I switch him to support instead? Also I have Mateta back from injury who is a great finisher and a natural poacher, and I'm tempted to go with PF(s)-P(a) as a partnership. Also, would you recommend I change the SS(a) to something else, like an AM(s) or AP(s)? Thanks for your help.
  2. Yeah, the team are playing pretty much exactly how I want them to, direct attacking football. The most frustrating thing is that the tactic works, and I'm not sure if it's because of the match engine, or my players, or both. Do you have any advice for how to alternatively create chances that aren't 1v1s? They're clearly not very efficient so there's no point in continuing to create these types of chances, or at least until I get any better strikers.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I agree that my strikers aren't good enough, but it's my first season where I got given £2 million to spend so there's not a lot I can do about that. As well as that, I have Mateta injured and he's a much better striker than Burkardt and Awoniyi. For me, just putting the tactic on cautious works quite well - I beat Bayern 1-0 away and drew 3-3 with Leipzig away. However, ironically in those games my players were clinical and if they had the same chance conversion in my other games I would've won by 5/6 goals. In the second season a good striker is definitely my priority, but for now I'm gonna have to make do with what I have. In terms of setting up an alternative tactic do you have any other ideas because as I said, simply switching to cautious seems to be doing the trick for me. What formations/roles do you recommend? I'm thinking of trying a 5-3-2, because my wing backs are the best players on my team so I really wanna exploit that. Thanks again for your advice
  4. Okay, here you go. I'm pretty sure Aaron Martin is one of the best LBs in the league, I'd say at least top 5 1.FSV Mainz 05 v 1. FC Köln.pkm
  5. Yeah, Aaron Martin is one of my best players, he is a great LB. Brosinski has also been one of my best performers. They're playing really good football, the only issue is that my strikers will miss around 4 one on ones every single game. Also, how do I post a .pkm?
  6. Just to emphasise my point, just played bottom of the league Koln at home, had NINE clear cut chances and drew 1-1. This is getting ridiculous.
  7. I watch extended highlights, and they're as clear cut as they can get. My players miss about 4-5 one on ones per game. It gets to the point where I'm surprised if they score a one on one because they miss 90% of them.
  8. I'm doing a Mainz save right now and honestly the shooting in this game is beyond broken. I create at least 3-4 clear cut chances per game and I'll be lucky to score one goal. Take my first game of the season - I play Freiburg and create SEVEN clear cut chances and six half chances and draw 1-1. My players miss about 4 one on ones in this game and I have no idea what to do. It's clearly not my tactic - it creates loads of chances. In the ONE game that my opponents created more chances than me, I lost 7-1 to Schalke. They created 4 clear cut and 4 half chances. These are the sort of numbers my team are putting up every game, but I haven't scored more than 2 goals in a single game this season. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my team to actually score? I've left screenshots of the stats from some of my games as well as my tactic, any help would be appreciated.
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