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  1. It actually is couch potato football. More than switch tactics to a 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 4-2-3-1, push players forward, take higher risks, fresh subs, what else is there? If you have the quality players it should happen sometimes or more often, yet, I repeat, it's never happens (injury time goals) and very rarely happens (comebacks) when you're down by more than two goals even when I have the stronger team on paper and I'm down against weaker opponents early in the match. It seems, once you go down 2-0, it's game over no matter what tactical changes you make. I suppose, since others are saying it does happen for them, it must be me. Maybe I don't have the Pep Guardiola cyber skills the others have.
  2. I suppose programming certain tactical or skill blunders by players isn't easy to rectify. My main issue is with the program forcing lopsided results no matter what decisions you change or implement on a game which realistically is the crux of what the game is all about, i.e, a Football Manager making decisions that affect a game positively or negatively. The computer shouldn't restrict this ability. It seems that no matter what decisions you make, you're never able to comeback from a 2-0, 3-1 etc result or score a deciding goal in injury time and rarely do you win a game when you're the underdog. Yet, it does happen the other way around.
  3. How about penalties? I must have played about 50 games since uploading FM20 and have had at least 20 penalties against and only 1 in favor (in a friendly I won 8-0)!! Haven't had one playing competition.
  4. LOL, what a load of crap! It never happens even when changing tactics or introducing new subs. Down 2-0, if you score a goal, 99.999% of the times you can bet your bottom dollar the next score will be 3-1.
  5. The beauty about Football is the emotional aspect of the game which all FM editions have surprisingly lacked. When you play against the computer your team rarely manages to turn around results. Once you go down 2-0 you can forget about coming back to a 2-2 or even more so, winning 3-2, 4-2... Happens plenty of times against your team though. One of the best things in Football are last minute/additional time goals in close matches. In all these years of FM I don't think my team has ever scored past the 90th minute. Happened against me a few times though, especially when my team were the underdogs and were winning. Funny how the developers have never been made aware this actually happens a lot in real football games because players start getting tired after the 70th minute and they're not as reactive as they were earlier in the game. Another thing are the lopsided amount of goal conversions per chances. Doesn't matter how good your forwards are, the computer seems to always have teams that can convert fewer chances into goals which also means your team rarely wins matches when it's the underdog while the team the computer manages does get this benefit. FM20 has actually shown improvements compared to previous additions but the ratio is still lopsided in the computers favor.
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