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  1. Hi. Club Vision sucks. So many problems with it (that really should have been fixed for the release). It makes the game unplayable. Will you fix it, and if so when? Have a great day. Marcus
  2. Any progress on fixing this? It's a game breaking bug that won't allow you to manage the team you spent hours on.
  3. Hi, thank you for your answer. I unfortunately don't have a save earlier then the one I uploaded. Hope you still can fix it in the future!
  4. Have uploaded the save "Sacked after two promosions in two years". It's around the 24 october i get sacked.
  5. Hi. I get sacked on my save after two promotions in two years. "You didn't handle the wagebudget" or something like that, when I really did have it under control. Tried it again after today's update but i'm still getting sacked. I can see that more people have problems with that. Hope you can fix it for the next patch!
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