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  1. I've been sacked by Villa last night but I managed to make a federal to sign Romero from United and Jamie Vardy from Leicester but couldn't help them stay up, anyone had success with them?
  2. Anyone has ever done this? I'm doing it right now, quite sober but might not be soon, nothing's really good on tv tonight but it's a good way to spend Christmas Eve night in
  3. Looking to get a new mouse and mouse mat for my laptop would you recommend a gaming or standard one?
  4. I've always sold before I bought so do you the other way? buy before selling their replacement?. Then you know where you're up to on what positions you need filling
  5. Any ETA on this? I know you've had a few issues with the skin recently
  6. Yeah it was, I got about £1m in the national league, I'm now at Morcambe
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