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  1. I've just signed Haaland and now you've peaked my interest
  2. @Experienced Defender I see you mention "occasionally add the Counter and/or counter-press, depending on the situation/opposition" often with this style. I'm fairly new to footballing concepts but in a nutshell when would you determine a good time to 'counter press' and the wrong time to do so?
  3. It's interesting you used cautious with Napoli, I often find sides in the Serie A mostly like to throw 10 men behind the ball haha!
  4. I have often thought about using Auto but like you, until now, felt a little hesitant. I often manage teams edging european football and look to build them into a world class side, at the start it is always difficult finding a balance between those games you're expected to dominate and those you're often the underdog. This may help!
  5. Could I ask you what your midfield combination and fullback set up is? I'm interested in what hardcoded roles you've put together.
  6. Has anybody had any luck with using a good CF in a 4-3-3? Which pairs and combinations do you think works best?
  7. Summary: HOYD Not Signing Players Description of Issue: I am currently within my fourth season as Man Utd and noticed that my HOYD has failed to make a single singing in that period. The only Youth Intake I have received is through trial days and my squads are looking depleted. The HOYD has been set the responsibilities to handle all ins and out for the U23s and U18s, and was signed in the first season. Steps to Reproduce: N/A Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Manchester United.fm
  8. Getting the right balance can be so satisfying, really happy with how I've got my Man Utd squad playing too. Been really useful to see some of the ideas throughout this series and adopted some of them in to my own tactics.
  9. I look forward to this post each time, another excellent contribution.
  10. @themadsheep2001 Do you make any substantial changes against teams that look to only defend? I have a similar tactic based on Rashidi's Liquid but struggle to change it up against those teams who make it really difficult to find any space.
  11. I've been trying to replicate Liverpool's system this year but I'm finding it super difficult to find the right balance. The team either is solid defensively but lacks the freedom and intesity in attack or ends up being too top-heavy and exposed to balls over the top. Having a hard working midfield (BBM, CM(D), CAR for example) and putting the attacking onus on the front 3 and full backs does provide good solidity but unfortunately it feels that with this match engine, full backs fail to really create any clear cut opportunities for forwards and Inside Forwards don't get close enough to the goal. Switch an Inside Forward to a striker position (AF, CF) and you lose that balance.
  12. BBM works perfectly fine but you need a hard working midfielder that is both technical and defensively sound.
  13. I personally see it has a Half-Back (Fabinho) with two B2B type midfielders (Wijnaldum, Keita, Llana, Ox) but you'll see against tougher opposition while Jurgen likes to keep a B2B player who is more adventurous, he'll have a more static Ball Winning Midfielder alongside.
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