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  1. I’m away from my PC at the moment but the setup was something like this: SK(S) IWB(S) BPD(D) CD(D) FB(S) WM(S) MEZ(A) CM(D) WM(S) AP(S) CF(A) - FB(S): Stay Narrow - WM(S): Stay Wide & Cross Less Often - AP(S): Roam From Position Team Mentality: Attacking (to encourage central midfielders to get into the box) Tempo: Lower Tempo Passing: Much Shorter TIs: Work Ball Into Box, Play Out Of Defence, Standard Width, Overlap Right I think that’s about right but I’ll double check when I’m back at the PC.
  2. Definitely a work in progress. In terms of the Mezzela, it’s exactly the problem you alluded to. I find the role to come too deep in the early transition and therefore we don’t get those early vertical runs to push the back line and give space to the inverted full back and wide player. Walker is playing IWB(S), on the side where I have the Mezzala on Attack.
  3. https://imgur.com/ePAzGvW Tought I'd share this passage of play. Definitely seeing some elements of Pep's approach. Building from the back Wingers staying wide during the transition, wall passes between the full back, central midfielder and wingers to move up the pitch. Overloading one side of the pitch, particularly with the inverted full back coming into central areas (Walker in this case) and forming a double pivot This allowed us to move the pitch from the left side to the right Positional play - Walker ends up as the 10 at one point, KDB can be found pre
  4. It's just a spreadsheet. I exported the data from a new save on the old database, and a new save on the new database. Then it was just a case of comparing the datasets.
  5. 28 goals and 0 conceded is an astonishing number. Do you think this is largely due to the quality of players Portugal has compared to other national teams or more so the system they're playing in? It all seems a little too easy for you @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Another question, if you don't mind, how do you tend to balance your youth squads? There isn't always an influx of 11 U19s joining the U23s (for example), so how do you decide between having enough players per position & loaning out players who need to develop? I find myself loaning out too many players and then having an un
  6. Please make this open source. I would love to contribute. I have experience working with front ends and while I don’t have programming experience with R, I might be able to help with some of the backend logic too. Are you planning adding this to GitHub?
  7. I see a lot of similarities with your youth tactic and my current Barca 2011 replication, such a fun system! I opted for a SS rather than DLF as I preferred the initial deeper position and later surges in the box.
  8. When the players begin training in their second position, do you find they start to lose tactical familiarity in their original, playing position?
  9. Summary: Unable to select a youth matchday tactic Description of Issue: When in control of the youth teams (in this case: U23s, U18s), I am unable to select which matchday tactic they should use. I have the option of the preferred tactic they should train, but not what they play with. The option is always whichever tactic I have currently selected for the first team. Steps to Reproduce: All staff responsibilities in control of manager, no staff delegations. Club with youth teams (not a B team). Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: milestobudapest - youth tactic bug.fm
  10. Me too. Always coming back and reading it again. I don’t think you can truly understand the impact this thread has had on many of us. The way the thread is presented and ideas are explained is so invaluable. I really wish @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!would give at least one run through of FM 21, because even if he couldn’t achieve the exact same, he might find some joy with something else, and it’d be great to have this type of content once more!
  11. Regarding the 433, I see what you’re aiming for with the passing instructions but it’s too cautious against defences that are parking themselves in their own half. It seems you’re playing standard width, but much shorter passing and lower tempo. This is compounded by the use of work the ball into the box. You’re players are going to move the ball very slowly, left to right, and become increasingly frustrated. Messi is also on an Attack duty so he’s unlikely to pull defenders out of the box, while your inside forwards sit rather cautiously in the wide areas. You want to be playing eit
  12. Serious question @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! - do you think anyone will ever be able to replicate what you did with Benfica in the latest additions of FM? The idea of high tempo, high pressure, possession based football using technically gifted players developed in a youth focused structure. Aside of the exact replication of tactics, do you think the process of a whole can still be adopted? The eventual success and magnitude of results is stunning and I haven't seen that level of european domination in any of my saves or many others. I would love for when FM21 is released, to begin a similar journe
  13. It’s not looking like FM21 offers much more in the direction of total football and what could be achieved using FM18. Although, the new focus play movements might offer some dynamism. Has anyone played around with trying to achieve something similar to what @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!has previously?
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