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  1. with a winger you should have in mind that the wb won't roam behind him. with an If there is a natural overlap but this is your tactic and you know what you want them to do. many people use a IW as an alternative with stay wider so they keep the overlap. every tactic seems to be tricky nowadays :P
  2. i dont know where to guide you but as you've described your tactic id say to go to the google bar, type fm manchester fluid counter attack and begin with reading about that kind of football
  3. exploit the middle doesnt make your team play through there. It raises the mentality of your central defending pairing and dm strata. With that in mind your bpds will be not so discouraged to play higher up the pitch and may give you a good option to get the ball and with switch ball to other flank+make long passes you ll get something out of them in an attacking sense. Also they play better their play out of defence if thei are under press. its also has to do with mentality. Your IF(a) has a very attacking mentality, if you want him to be a point of reference for through balls etc you might not want him to scale down on his mentality cause overlap right will decrease his mentality to attacking. thats why i posted you @Djuicer 's topic to see the discussion based on mentalities there. Maybe he can offer a helping hand here too
  4. it was the first time in 3 years with lazio that i managed to get past the round of 16 and i played in a way to pull the enemies to my half of the pitch, circulate the ball and expose the space with two If(a) but the f9 stayed higher than i wanted so maybe a dlp with an other deeper role give him more license to come deep. i used an ap(s) and an rpm without going forward or move into channels. that role management in fm is so frustrating and interesting at the same time xD
  5. thats exactly a dlp(s) that i saw but i needed to ask. my observation was mainly cause in build up for the goal it seemed your central players to make more of a box than a diamond. i liked the way your f9 (or treq) was more creative and roaming than mine and im searching on that.
  6. read these two threads, they might help you. In terms of TI's my suggestions: defend wider (you need space for your central players to make killer balls or better combs). exploit the middle (it raises your central defender's mentality). positive mentality. you have play out of defense so the distributions might be picked if you recognise a problem. rashidi has a great video of how to build out of defense with the exact TI and without based on each problem, go check it out. overlap only the left side If players dont get into the shape you want quick enough then lower tempo/passing more In terms of player roles: both Wbs turn into Cwb(s) (you need roaming for better combs and getting into better positions. thats why you play passes around). your IW maybe turn into a ap so he goes nect to dlp and create a diamond in the middle. your AP(a) could be played as a Treq if you still want to use an AF. maybe you say something about your PI's for more insight, id say your IF(a) to have stay wider without roaming to keep width you ll be vulnerable with only two players back and you can turn your right back to a Nfb if you want and have your BPD with stay wider. everything else seems fine to me but try if you want and see
  7. never seen a monty pythons scetch? its not contrasting to your comment. btw one question mark is always enough. i've seen only 50+yo people using more than one.
  8. and inzaghi was the offside boy. how many times did that happen, he must be in the guinness records book. have you heard solskjaer or many other managers saying that, for example rashford, dont score ugly goals? i think they refer to that poacher ability to squize himself in extremely tight space and get something out of a challenge with a defender inside half a meter. first time i read something like that i remembered monty python's minister of silly walks and made an image of solskjaer saying ok lads today we train ugly goals, everybody in line, we throw you the ball and be like trying to score, throw your self down get a little dirt on you, move your head up and down, legs and arms like a chicken, tongue right and left and a slopy placed shot would be a nice start.
  9. every player needs space to work. the f9 needs deep, the adf needs wide and high. to me the poacher is a 37yo Pippo Inzaghi who operates in 10 meters and scores. create space in 10 meters and he scores. thats a poacher, not a runner.
  10. @jozza800 i might be mistaken but i suppose you want to play 3-4-3 with the diamond in the middle like cruyff's barcelona. This is how i'd set up your tactic but it depends on the players you got also so i'm all about roles and shouts p eng/treq Wp(s) rpm w(a) dlp(d) Cwb(a) Bpd Bpd Nfb PIs front five+Cwb(a) tackle harder rpm run wide with ball left Bpd stay wider Nfb stay narrow TIs shorter passing (or much) lower tempo (or much) dribble less be more expressive work ball into box focus through the middle (to up the mentalities of the defend duty in your half of the pitch) overlap left (to up the mentality of the cwb more) hold shape counter press much high LOe and d-line + press opp gk You might find help from a run through the middle trait or slow down play, to help you get your cwb high up. I totally disagree that a poacher can't find space in slow build ups, watched rashidi's videos with ajax and he uses poacher and with slow build ups.
  11. tries tricks ppm is mostly involved in dribbling or on passes too and as an extend is helpful for possesion, total football or tiki taka style tactics?
  12. @Djuicer how much do you value having both feet at good ratings helps? probably in every system and situation its a bonus but it might be a hell of a help in possession styles.
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