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  1. How is your defensive structure with the mezz(a)? i haven't picked that mentality on him cause i'm affraid of leaving a bigger gap in midfield, but on the other hand you might win the ball higher up. What's the effect on your team? That's a screenshot from which you get a good idea how the supporting striker and the mezalla work in this system. Some passes in my half of the pitch, striker takes their left CB with him and mezzala running on a deep ball for one v one. https://prnt.sc/q4gewp
  2. hello there! 2021 in a save with Bari. Two promotions back to back and a third season in Serie A! I'm gonna talk a little bit about amateur things, picking up ideas from this forum (Ozil to the Arsenal threads about total football, Herne's development of 4123, the great topic of Y2Jones), youtube (rashidi), sites like strikerless(in this case only strikerless). Then i'll go into the development of my team's system, the headaches, the solutions and the HAKUNA MATATA stuff. Before beginning my italian fairytale, i'd like to mention that I'm posting for the first time in a forum and so you 're maybe gonna teach me some things in a case of uploading a video from FM. So that's a little intro. So, Bari play in Serie C in FM20. Their squad is capable of contesting for high places in the league, it has the third biggest payroll budget. In the squad there is the ageing Antonucci (ST) and Galeano(AMC) on loan from Napoli. Implementing a 4123 system with lots of possesion was good enough to take us to serie B, where the good stuff started. From the half of the first season in Bari, and i'm suggesting this to anyone playing with a very low league team with limits on scouting, you should go and shortlist every player in every league you got on your save. I did that for about three months in game, so as soon as i got promoted i got rid of many players and bidded for some free players who suited my system and also on loans. If you shortlist every player there is, then you don't have to be affraid if you lose a player who you believe is very good for you, there are plenty of others. So ignore the 100+ messages you receive in the transfer windows and check in your shortlist search filter on bidding on someone who can take care of the job you gonna task on doing. Now comes the system. If you've seen the Real Madrid-Barcelona game where messi played in the centre of the attack as a f9, you'd have in mind that it was a very quick transition team effort. Quick traps from barcelona almost always in their own pitch (a little high of course) and some great bursting forward after a few combinations. That's exactly what i had in mind in the mid of my second season with Bari. So i play a 4123 formation, in a possesion style with no short passes or low tempo. We get our passes record and the possesion stats from the period before our burst and also from the corners we win. It works as a boobi trap really, i just wish most of times my wide forwards would pass the ball more for an assist but i like to think that its a matter of quality in decision making etc. For the bursting thing i use pass into space, roam from position PI for my wide attackers and a move into channels for my f9. That's crucial cause, when i had Antonucci in the f9 role, he had the trait himself, but when i put there De Jong he was a bit frustrating until i got him the PI. After that it was like having mane on one flank and salah on the other. Now i have to mention that when you guys wanna play a system and you can't find a solution here or youtube or by experimenting then you can download a tactic that says it does the thing you want to do. I did that with a tactic from strikerless, i took the way to get my forward players always on the back of a team, the way i wanted, and then back to my tactic again. It's not a crime, Pep Guardiola took La Volpiana that way. The only other PI i used was more risky passes from my mezzala, cause for some reason he didn't do it in great situations. So to move on i'll post the screenshot with the tactic, so you see the roles i'm using, some interesting pieces from the match analysis and i'm gonna comment on how i got 3 games won. the tactic http://prntscr.com/q5ajxv I think it's time to explain the roles. I'll begin from attack to defense. Maybe it's wrong but that's how it was made. I wanted to be on attack with a set of players who would attack almost in a line without somebody messing with anothers area and also to be very clean cause of the little time it was gonna happen. So from one flank there is a demon in the w(a) role, Simmons. As a consequence i need someone close to him in the half space and that's the mezzala. F9 is the point of reference for my enemies CB and when he moves then wow, that's when hakuna matata starts!If he goes close to the inside forward they create an overload where they open up huge spaces for the winger and the mezalla and they also create some space for the LB(a) to come into play. If an attack occures from the rightthe f9 might get in the end of a ball from deep or make room for the IF to be. Now when i come against teams who leave spaces behind their CB and their midfield my f9 becomes a reference point to exploit that, if they press me hard then the AP(s) becomes an AP(A) so i got two reference points there for my team. That's crucial and i'll get into this later. Behind the mezalla and the AP comes a DLP(s). I like the way he can get a great ball or do the retention, i ve played a DM there on D or S but it wasn't my taste. In defense i got a FB(d), so i defend the right which has a W so far forward, two CB as usual cause of normal and safe short passes and a FB(a) on the left. Why it isn't a wingback or something else...let's say i'm more defensive thinking than i like to think of me. I fact didn't like the positioning, too much ahead. Finally a SWK(a) in case i got a ball from deep, but he isn;t very good at rushing out, he is still 20yo and learning. Most times if i see flying balls behind the def i'll push the defensive line to standard. Now let's see some games from the Serie A campaign till now, some things i got from playing that way and the players fullfilling the whole thing, but the more serius thing in manager...TACTICAL DECISIONS! In that matter it was rockpie's thread of "making good tactical decisions" that opened my mind again about it after playing the game for 16 years. Also the game for it's progression/changes in tactics for the last two years. First game of the season against Udinese http://prntscr.com/q5az4q As you can see they play a 442 against our 4123. We got an early goal by Ruiz, but from the beginning and for a long time we had been pushed to our defensive third cause of their 4 players pushing forward (ml,mr,st,st) and their duo cm taking the rebounds. They didn't play us in the back of our defensive line, their strikers were receiving the ball. So i brought down to standard my LOE to help eliminate the space in which the ST were receiving and the CM were taking the rebounds. After that they became less dangerous but i conceded two goals from set pieces at 26 and 29 min. Also i had a problem going forward. My RB would launch through crosses to my W(a) but he wasn't in a position to capitulate on that for good. I was like "why does he not send it to the F9" and cause i couldn't fix it by just shouting on the pc screen, i decided to switch my AP to attack mentality. My team, from LB or RB, now knew we had a player with attack duty in the midfield strata to look for. The moves were mostly quick after some retention in my defensive third, we scored 3 more goals. Take a look at the shots from both teams (but especially Bari), most of them were one v one's with only two hitting the side net. The crazy thing in that game was that at some point, after they conceded the 3rd goal, they switched to a 343. They still couldn't get balls behind my defense and their CM duo had the same problem defending the space my f9 and AP(a) exposed and now we had one less defender to take out. I didn't change a thing in how we played and we also missed a penalty. http://prntscr.com/q5b3y8 Second game of the season against Torino http://prntscr.com/q5b4nq Our 4123 against a 4231 (even if it doesn't seem though). Cause of having Torino as a bigger side, in my mind, than Udinese, and after watching their attackers attributes and also the formation, i put my AP to attack mentality and LOE and defensive line on standard from the very beginning. HAKUNA MATATA stuff took place as you can see. Maybe cause of the early destruction their side dropped in mentality cause their shots are...pretty bad http://prntscr.com/q5b5x5 Last of it, a game against Roma. The most difficult of the opponents i faced, even from Napoli who beat me at home from two strikes from Insigne from balls behind my defensive line. http://prntscr.com/q5b6vw I did all the changes like the Torino game but the difference that mattered against Roma was the switch of my F9 to a Trequatista in the AMC strata. Why i did that? Cause they were having so many players pushed forward. I got an early goal from a direct free kick, but watching the full highlights it was like watching a massacre for 7 minutes after that. It was rare times i saw so many attacks in just 9minutes guys and they had Dzeko to receive the ball, Martial to get past my defensive line and even the full backs on. I couldn't have my AP(a) contributing to anything there or changing something, but the Trequatista did it all. He became the reference point for EVERYTHING! As you can see from the heat map i didn't have much influence in the game but the transitions were so fast and against an defense limited to..idk, maybe 2 guys(?), that we ripped them appart. That's for now. I wanna thank guys like Y2Jones, you really fixed my view on that great game again. Also a last piece of advice for amateur players or players like me who felt or feel overwhelmed by the Me, search for tactics that do what you wanna do and implement pieces of them into yours, listen or read simplified answers to your problems and ignore answers like "there are plenty ways of doing that". I know, you know and everybody knows that you can open a door with keys, lockpicking or a credit card and a "there are plenty ways of doing that"is not the answer in your questions. An answer is something that's either specifies in simplicity or at least limits to a good degree the questions which are gonna follow. Cheeres and i'd like to show you some of my team movements if you help me understand how it goes! Of course coming back to discussing more about the tactic. Thank you.
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