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  1. now about the PI's. WB: Stay wider CM: take more risks AP: close down more IW: sit narrower, take more risks, get further forward(if he doesn't have the trait) IF: get further forward(if he doesn't have the trait), stay wider DLF: roam from position
  2. odegaard's been bought in the half of last season. He was magnificent at the start but he had a bad run of form, especially in continental games. Maybe it's my fault also cause i was very harsh from the first bad game he had. This is his stat screenshot of that year . I really don't know. I ve played this tactic in the Dutch league with PSV. In europe we had some good games and went to the semis of the UEFA cup. As any tactic that brands that style of football, it can't be played without ok players. I believe it can happen with a team like sevilla or atalanta in a go
  3. This is a presentation of the tactic i've been working on, in this years FM. It's a 4-4-2 or 4-2-4 and it was some kinda forced, cause of the players Juventus has at the beginning of the game. I had problems making a 4-3-3 work the way i like and also having a quote of Pirlo in my head where he said that the juve midfielders, in real life, can play only as a two-paired combination. It has worked miracles so far, with domestic and european success. Two unbeaten Serie A titles, Golden boots and Ballon Do'r's for the AF. This is it And this is last years standings T
  4. 3 questions here: 1. does it really need to be so many PI's? 2. why not a reverse in the mc roles, with the cm turned into a mez? 3. Is the right CB without the stay wider instruction for a reason, like maybe to hijack balls from deep? Is it to achieve something on the build up and the dr positioning?
  5. and probably that is a reason for using work ball into box. Playing against a low and passive block. i've dropped it for this years FM but i only use it to break down an enemy team which is sitting back and is passive on its press. with wbib i don't want a quick pass to a player of mine who simple has the Attack duty. Just as pep did against chelsea (but post denied them 3 times, including a penalty ). EDIT: i mean in the 2011 semis
  6. hi everyone. mr @04texag you be motivated me to search for creating diamonds outside the 4-3-3 i obsessively picked as my formation for the last 2 versions of the game. Thanks a lot for that! Although i haven't figured out how i have to instruct the players to play the 4-2-3-1, mostly cause of my incapability on the game, i made my juventus team play quite good with a 4-4-2. We top the table and ronaldo has 33 goals in 30 appearances. that's the tactic so far i didn't go for the stoper-cover cb duet cause of the speed juventus cb's have. Also about creating different tactical
  7. i hope some day you find someone who's played against a team which holds the ball like that and you'll get an opinion beyond the fm "reality" and the gegenpress firework. i agree on some points wwith how you see football. on a tactical point of view everything goes around 1) the height you choose to set traps, 2) the way you built them and 3) the way you exploit space. About mourinho there's a certain way why he chooses the deep blocks though and it doesn;t just happen to be deeper. He has said it again and again that when an (every) opponent is on the attacking phase it's a fac
  8. mourinho, like so many other people who haven't played football or can't feel it like a way of seeing something from life, don't understand how a possession hungry opponent attacks the mental state so aggressively. Having the ball attacks a core, fundamental piece of this game. Football is played with the ball. I can't really describe how important it is for the soul of everyone who goes on a pitch, from amateur to professional lvl. Playing the Total football way is the bravest way, the most attacking way it can be. I've seen in this forums also some saying that keeping the ball is the defensi
  9. hello guys! an other quarantine, an other vacation at the forums, from a tourist who's got taken plenty of good advices reading posts in here. it's been two weeks i've been trying to make a "total football" tactic and thank god there are these posts from Ozil to the Arsenal here that provided again some information i almost forgot. i made this tactic, which works pretty well first thoughts when i tried to make the tactic: a. the players are like pieces in a chess board. Look at PPM's and assume they show me the only way for a player to be used. b. choose to
  10. with a winger you should have in mind that the wb won't roam behind him. with an If there is a natural overlap but this is your tactic and you know what you want them to do. many people use a IW as an alternative with stay wider so they keep the overlap. every tactic seems to be tricky nowadays :P
  11. i dont know where to guide you but as you've described your tactic id say to go to the google bar, type fm manchester fluid counter attack and begin with reading about that kind of football
  12. exploit the middle doesnt make your team play through there. It raises the mentality of your central defending pairing and dm strata. With that in mind your bpds will be not so discouraged to play higher up the pitch and may give you a good option to get the ball and with switch ball to other flank+make long passes you ll get something out of them in an attacking sense. Also they play better their play out of defence if thei are under press. its also has to do with mentality. Your IF(a) has a very attacking mentality, if you want him to be a point of reference for through balls etc you mi
  13. it was the first time in 3 years with lazio that i managed to get past the round of 16 and i played in a way to pull the enemies to my half of the pitch, circulate the ball and expose the space with two If(a) but the f9 stayed higher than i wanted so maybe a dlp with an other deeper role give him more license to come deep. i used an ap(s) and an rpm without going forward or move into channels. that role management in fm is so frustrating and interesting at the same time xD
  14. thats exactly a dlp(s) that i saw but i needed to ask. my observation was mainly cause in build up for the goal it seemed your central players to make more of a box than a diamond. i liked the way your f9 (or treq) was more creative and roaming than mine and im searching on that.
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