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    I am currently a Software Developer at Synergy Health.
    Not as addicted to FM as I used to be, but still fairly addicted

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    Football, Alcohol and Gaming

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    Tottenham Hotspur

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    Dulwich Hamlet, Stafford Rangers, Tottenham

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  1. Haha good luck, I got bored after season 8.
  2. The tactic held up again in Vanarama National. Predicted relegation and have made the playoffs and have the chance to retain the FA Trophy. Even almost beat Hull in the FA Cup. I dominated the game and hit the woodwork several times, before they nicked an 84th minute winner having been totally outplayed
  3. I still have the save kicking about somewhere. I got a bit bored though and have started a LLM game with Stafford Rangers. Which i am enjoying Won the league and FA trophy first season and have reached the final again this season, along with the playoffs. Smashing it up
  4. Loving this tactic! Won the Vanarama North with Stafford Rangers along with the FA Trophy. Beating 4 teams from the league above on the way, including destroying one of them 7-2! Cracking work Franky
  5. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Haha I often think about doing that sort of thing. I used to buy a football shirt for a team for every country I visited. Maybe I should buy one every year for a team I manage on FM
  6. Haha keep it up mate, I've barely played. It is a grind, I think I would be more suited to the Dafuge challenge
  7. Time for an update Mr Rosler I see you have a new tactic and are in the Championship I've stopped playing for a bit, back playing World of Warcraft for my sins
  8. Very quiet in here lately. I haven't been playing much myself to be fair.
  9. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

  10. Welcome aboard the merry go round Tyler
  11. Yeah I think that is the issue I ran into. I was getting destroyed at the back!
  12. Two in a row, the tactic is kicking in
  13. Finally won a game. 5 games in. Beat crawley of League 1 in the Check a Trade trophy and qualified for the next round
  14. So far i've played 3 games with it and lost them all 4-1
  15. You say that, but my pride is at stake lol.