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    I am currently a Software Developer at Synergy Health.
    Not as addicted to FM as I used to be, but still fairly addicted

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  1. I got back to back promotions with it mate. 100 pts first season. Via the playoffs in the 2nd season. Beat a few higher teams in the cups as well. Beat Huddersfield on penalties after a 5-5 thriller, they are in Championship and I'm in League 2. I love the football played.
  2. Control seems better to me. I do stick it on counter towards the end of a game if it's tight, but if they equalise then its straight back on Control!
  3. I decided against trying with England as I couldn't be bothered I used it as Spurs for 10 games or so, decent results, think it was 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat. In those games I played Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd twice. I also decided to start a new career save with Stockport. Smashed the league with 100 points. Was unbeated for the first 15 games. Cracking tactic. Just not with rubbish welsh teams
  4. I tried this as a rubbish Welsh team Caernarfon. Couldn't really get it firing, even games I was expected to win, i was losing on Control dunno what it would be like on Counter. Want to try it as England in the World Cup, see how it works!
  5. You aren't allowed to sign players, apart from your own Youth players that have moved on. You can re-sign them
  6. You get further than I do! Mine has completely locked up and now i've lost a months worth of matches
  7. Just finished my second season. For full info see my thread
  8. End of Season 2 Summary Since recording the video i've had a slight cash injection of £800k
  9. I had the same in my Billericay game, but haven't heard a thing since and I am part way through the next season.
  10. Yeah i know the feeling. I ended up settling on a 4-3-3 as well. Score a lot of goals, sadly concede a lot too. But much more consistent than any of the other formations i tried. My thread can be found here if you're interested: Be warned, I am lazy and record youtube videos instead of typing and taking loads of screenshots
  11. Distinct lack of updates in here @Mr U Rosler You know I follow you after last years Dulwich Hamlet escapades. I am attempting it with Billericay this year! Took me four attempts to get out of the VNS. First 3 resulted in sackings. Final / Current attempt won the league. Looking forward to more updates from you
  12. Please visit my thread for my end of season update video. Don't forget to subscribe and give feedback
  13. As promised here is my end of season summary. You'll have to forgive me for messing my lines up a bit, i was winging it One thing that I missed off was that I won Manager of the Year.
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