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    I am currently a Software Developer at Synergy Health.
    Not as addicted to FM as I used to be, but still fairly addicted

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    Football, Alcohol and Gaming

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    Tottenham Hotspur

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    Billericay Town

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  1. Just finished my second season. For full info see my thread
  2. I had the same in my Billericay game, but haven't heard a thing since and I am part way through the next season.
  3. Please visit my thread for my end of season update video. Don't forget to subscribe and give feedback
  4. Woo i finally managed to avoid the sack on my 4th attempt with Billericay Won the league in the first season, it went down to the last game, I tried my best in the last few games to bottle it. I will do a full update in my thread tomorrow, can't be arsed to record a video tonight.
  5. Haha determined, stupid, you decide The one thing that has annoyed me across all 4 attempts is that I cannot get rid of Jermaine Pennant. I don't want him and his wages are 3k p/w. He refuses to leave!!!
  6. I am on my 4th attempt with Billericay. Got fired first 3 times without even getting into the NL. Now got the team firing so hopefully be better this time
  7. That is an impressive intake to be fair Hopefully I will get a decent one when i eventually get that far. Sadly I am unable to upgrade anything at the minute, so I cannot see me getting a good intake
  8. I've started a save as Billericay Town. As I said previously I have created a separate thread for it. Billericay Town Youth Challenge - New Lodge to Nou Camp
  9. I got bored of this last season when i got stuck in League 1 I think it was. I am in the process of holidaying now to give it a go again I will probably be doing all of my updates in YouTube videos though as I am lazy I will probably create a separate thread so as not to pollute this one though. Good luck to you all
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