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    Not as addicted to FM as I used to be, but still fairly addicted

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  1. Yeah i know the feeling. I ended up settling on a 4-3-3 as well. Score a lot of goals, sadly concede a lot too. But much more consistent than any of the other formations i tried. My thread can be found here if you're interested: Be warned, I am lazy and record youtube videos instead of typing and taking loads of screenshots
  2. Distinct lack of updates in here @Mr U Rosler You know I follow you after last years Dulwich Hamlet escapades. I am attempting it with Billericay this year! Took me four attempts to get out of the VNS. First 3 resulted in sackings. Final / Current attempt won the league. Looking forward to more updates from you
  3. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    That's why video reviews are easier Quicker
  4. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Please visit my thread for my end of season update video. Don't forget to subscribe and give feedback
  5. As promised here is my end of season summary. You'll have to forgive me for messing my lines up a bit, i was winging it One thing that I missed off was that I won Manager of the Year.
  6. Wooooohoo, won the league! It went right down to the wire. Will record a full summary tomorrow. As a result of winning the league, we are looking to build a new stadium and the chairman has invested £1.2 million However I have been unable to improve any of my youth setup Watch this space for a video tomorrow
  7. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Woo i finally managed to avoid the sack on my 4th attempt with Billericay Won the league in the first season, it went down to the last game, I tried my best in the last few games to bottle it. I will do a full update in my thread tomorrow, can't be arsed to record a video tonight.
  8. Finally got around to recording episode 2. Just the youth intake. Not bad for saying i have the lowest facilities etc.
  9. Anyone else celebrate?

    My missus jumped out of her chair when I celebrated a goal so loud that it scared her
  10. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Haha determined, stupid, you decide The one thing that has annoyed me across all 4 attempts is that I cannot get rid of Jermaine Pennant. I don't want him and his wages are 3k p/w. He refuses to leave!!!
  11. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I am on my 4th attempt with Billericay. Got fired first 3 times without even getting into the NL. Now got the team firing so hopefully be better this time
  12. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    That is an impressive intake to be fair Hopefully I will get a decent one when i eventually get that far. Sadly I am unable to upgrade anything at the minute, so I cannot see me getting a good intake
  13. What the hell is going on with Bournemouth? and Man City?
  14. Defender stands around and waits to be tackled

    Possibly mate, see what the QA team say, worth a look in my opinion.
  15. Defender stands around and waits to be tackled

    I've noticed the ball ricocheting of players a lot in this version, but this was different. The defender runs into the corner with the ball. Then just stands there. The striker then runs from the center of the pitch into the corner and takes the ball off him with ease. I didn't record the highlight due to issues with exporting it, but if you watch it, you'll agree its bad lol.