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    I am currently a Software Developer at Synergy Health.
    Not as addicted to FM as I used to be, but still fairly addicted

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    Football, Alcohol and Gaming

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    Tottenham Hotspur

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    Dulwich Hamlet

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  1. Time for an update Mr Rosler I see you have a new tactic and are in the Championship I've stopped playing for a bit, back playing World of Warcraft for my sins
  2. Very quiet in here lately. I haven't been playing much myself to be fair.
  3. Teeheehee
  4. Welcome aboard the merry go round Tyler
  5. Yeah I think that is the issue I ran into. I was getting destroyed at the back!
  6. Two in a row, the tactic is kicking in
  7. Finally won a game. 5 games in. Beat crawley of League 1 in the Check a Trade trophy and qualified for the next round
  8. So far i've played 3 games with it and lost them all 4-1
  9. You say that, but my pride is at stake lol.
  10. OK I am on a 12 game winless streak. Apparently beating Arsenal U23's on pens doesnt count. So might plug this in and test it for you
  11. I am just starting out 5 miles to work and back every other day. Some of the crazy people here run 5 miles each way...
  12. Where are your priorities....? I won't be playing until then anyway That's if I have any energy after cycling 2.5 miles home.
  13. Yeah do it mate, I am getting frustrated with my current formation. It works amazingly with Spurs, but cannot get any consistency with Dulwich I started this season reasonably well though. Just not scoring enough.
  14. Season 8 Summary Survived by the skin of my teeth again.
  15. i know what you mean, I am struggling to stay motivated with it! I don't think I will restart though. If I do I might do the dafuge challenge instead. Can be another video series then