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  1. I've never seen such a thing happening in the game. Is it really possible, or is it just a joke ? Do you have a screen ?
  2. Thanks ! Three small questions (take all your time to respond) : - I think that your advice regarding pressing is what you call "split block". Why not asking to all my players to close down more ? For balance ? - Not all my midfielders seem to me really really fit for carillero ? Box to box would be really too dangerous ? What about central midfielder with a support duty ? - Last but not least, against maybe weaker teams, is using a defender as a libero could be a good idea ? Some of my players could be good for that position. Thanks again, I really appreciate it !
  3. Sorry, I did the same mistake again. I'd rather say fast attacking football. Thanks !
  4. Yes that's pretty much what I want. At least I'm not interested in possession and making a lot of passes, I prefer efficiency. I think the strikers fit to this style of play : Lukaku plays "pivot" and Zirkzee "complete forward", they almost never play together. I always use them in a support duty, with an advanced forward, Salcedo or Esposito, this last one being my best player. I'm looking forward for tweaks that you may suggest to me, thanks !
  5. Thank you very much, i will apply your advice and see the outcome ! " What's the idea with instructions such as: focus through the middle, play for set pieces, pass into space and higher tempo? " --> great question when I think about it... Play for set pieces is because Stefano Sensi was on the fire at the beginning of the season, delivering 7 assists on free kicks, thought it may be interesting to have more set pieces, but well, is it a sufficient reason to have this instruction ? Pass into space and higher tempo because I don't that the opponent team can have enough time t
  6. Here it is ! Sorry, I thought my own translations were sufficient, but sure it's easier for you to do not read all of these.
  7. Hi everyone, Since the last ME update, my tactic doesn't work anymore. I've got a lot of difficulties to score, a lot of goals are caused by set pieces... This really impacts my save, and takes out a lot of fun that I used to have. I think it's a shame that things can change so quickly, but well that's another debate. My tactic is a kind of 3-5-2 when attack, and 5-3-2 for defence. Maybe some translation is needed : team instructions are pass into spaces, play out of defence and play on higher tempo counter attack and couter pressing, defense is told to move the ball to def
  8. I would be very curious to see your tactic, if that doesn't bother you Thanks !
  9. My tactic I guess Seriously I don't know, but I really enjoyed the previous official ME, even with accurate long balls and 1v1s, that I did not see too much and that people did not like. So I can't explain this, but I do know that it happens.
  10. I strongly dislike the new ME for the moment, and my preference goes to the last official one. I can't even check if 1vs1 are improved or not (although i think they were already pretty good), because there is no more 1vs1 ! EVERY single highlights are set pieces, almost every header goes far off the target, and it's just a lottery about "who is gonna score on a header ?"... Really painful and really annoying to have such ups and downs while playing this game... During 2 months it's enjoyable, then update and the fun disappears, one new update and it's ok, one another and the stoey go
  11. As far as I can remember, it has always been like that in FM... This is unrealistic, and you have to deal with it.
  12. I totally suscribe to it. I did not play to FM 2019, but currently I came back to official ME and I enjoy it a lot more than Beta ME. Yes there are these really accurate long balls which zombie defenders, but I see central plays, good runs, there is fun, while matches under Beta ME were boring to watch. Don't know in which direction will go the future update, but in my opinion, the official ME, with few tweaks (long balls, sometimes 1 versus 1, players who strangely keep the ball withing the field's limits whereas it is dangerous...) might be great !
  13. Sorry but that's a thing I don't understand. I may be stupid, but why does one match can change in so many ways if it is only some aspects of the ME that the beta has changed ? I mean, the Beta ME is not a new one, it is the official with just some tweaks... Maybe I don't get who this whole thing works, and in this case I would be glad to have some intels on it. And sorry but English is not my native language, what does "tbf" means ? Thanks.
  14. I've just reloaded a match that ended by a draw, 1-1, under the BETA ME with my team struggling to score against the 18th squad, while I'm being 2nd of the league. This match was simulated with the "official" ME, and I've won 5-0. Exact same players and tactic (collective and individual instructions). That's the kind of things I cant understand, how can it be so different ?
  15. Glad to see I'm not the only one feeling that way. The problem is this caused me too much frustration, and right now I think I'm going to do a little break with FM. I did not play since FM 2014, and really I don't enjoy it right now. These all things seem to me so random. I was happy to see the beta, but from my games I just have seen problems replacing others problems, taking out one frustration for bringing in another one. And I don't think that everything is linked to tactic, there is a point where players lack discernment I'd say, even if they are top players. That would explain
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