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  1. So a bit of an update... a **** one. I've completed Season 2 and have a few updates ready. But it's more or less pointless now as I can't progress past the end of the season without my game crashing on a set date. I've tried using older versions of the save, a laptop, etc but no luck. I'll keep trying new things and get the save sent over in the bug section if I have no luck, but I thought the few of you following should know. I am gutted
  2. Settled on the design for the new attacking midfielder/winger radar and here's the GOAT to display it. This is an example from a predominantly holidayed/simulated save with Barcelona to get an idea of how well elite-level players come across in the radars. This is a Ballon d'Or season from Messi so this is the level we need to get our players to some day... no big deal.
  3. União Desportiva Alta de Lisboa The Battle For Lisbon 2020/2021 Season Round-up Our first campaign is complete and we're still in the job! Albeit... Maybe the club should be fortunate to have us instead of the other way around based on how we've just ended the season: FOURTH! We've ended the season just 7 points off of 2nd placed Amora - however we were never really in with a shot of qualifying for the playoffs due to our first half of the season as you can tell by the past positions chart. All things considered, this was a ****ing great season and a near-perfec
  4. Interesting as ever, clearly a lot of variety in your players
  5. Sort of forced at this level but I agree that it's a nice way of playing the game. Can be easy to just see flashy attributes on a wonderkid and sign him despite him having played poorly for another team Cheers, definitely a lot to think about tactically and recruitment wise but hopefully we crack the code before long!
  6. Having since reviewed the radars for the attacking midfielder/forward, I'm going to be changing them a bit. They will still be the same in the next update in order to keep the continuity/comparison to those already posted, but I'll be lowering how high the non-penalty total is in a new attacking midfielder/winger template, as well as considering a way of adding the "chances created" stat from FM in. I'm not really sure what to replace to add it though. I feel as if everything in the radar at current is pretty good and makes sense. For roles like a shadow striker in my strikerless system I'll b
  7. União Desportiva Alta de Lisboa The Battle For Lisbon Progress and Distress Having previously left off mid-way through pre-season and in a spot of uncertainty both tactically and in our expectations for the season, you join us at the mid-way stage of the Campeonato de Portugal Prio D campaign. It’s been… interesting. So, that’s how we’ve fared. Up and down, frustrating, but now seemingly stable. It was really hard to know what to expect coming into this season, so our initial start led me to a false sense of our ability if truth be told. It would be unfair to suggest
  8. União Desportiva Alta de Lisboa The Battle For Lisbon Laying The Foundations So, as highlighted in the breakdown… We had work to do and fast. We had just about 45 days to turn a side full of amateurs into a competitive, semi-professional side with not only potential but an ability to keep the side in the division. To start off, we needed the right people alongside us to do it - the new backroom staff. This was the first thing we sorted out at the club in order to have a successful window, begin training effectively immediately and get a gauge of how well we compare
  9. União Desportiva Alta de Lisboa The Battle For Lisbon The Past União Desportiva Alta de Lisboa were formed in 2005 as the result of a merger between Sporting Clube da Torre and Clube Desportivo da Charneca. Whilst information on the club is difficult to find (the club website is more or less the only reliable source of information I could find!) it seems that the club is troubled and treated unfairly by local authorities with disputes over facilities, the stadium and the legitimacy of the institution as both a football club and entity. This gets more tricky to digest as a non
  10. So... I need help and ideas Some context. I recently started somewhat of a "journeyman" where I just began unemployed, middle tier badges/reputation/etc. I eventually found my way at mid-table Lille OSC after a couple seasons at QPR. It was ****ing great. Really great. I am by no means a tactical expert on FM and usually just stick to what I know - but this time it was different and I really began to broaden my horizons with things. I decided to go strikerless - mainly due to the fact Lille had no GOOD striker at the club, and I placed a real heavy emphasis on youth development whilst ther
  11. Not one to comment much on threads but this one is exceptional - your usage of data visualisations, background information and setting the scene tactically/philosophically is absolutely great. Inspiring to say the least 😄
  12. Coalville Town - 2029/30 Mid-season update Unlikely to do a mid-season update often... BUT there's been big changes. First up, we got a takeover from a consortium who actually pumped a small amount in to the club - happy days... or so you'd think. The board from next season onwards now EXPECT me to make the playoffs of the VNL... that's not so good. And here's why. My best player and star striker Jacques Grimes 25i has been sold. It's a GREAT offer though - and made even more great by the fact his deal was running out in the summer and he refused to extend. But he's had an absolute bre
  13. Saethus - Coalville Town - The Ravens A prelude: I've never been one to post on the forums despite playing the games for a considerable time but I've been eager to post having followed others progression. Previously "attempted" this challenge back on FM18 but did it with Telford - as mentioned prior I've never been one to post on the forums so the leaderboard etc didn't mean much, but this time I've attempted it properly. I reloaded for 5 straight hours to get Coalville after getting them on my first attempt on a prior save, but forgetting to load the extra players (imbecile) so we w
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