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  1. It's a weighted lottery based on reputation. The most reputable team has the highest chance of going up and so on. Putting players in the team won't change their chances.
  2. I've got two of these 75% off vouchers, for some reason. They're useless to me as I already own the game; I'd also be happy to give the both of them away.
  3. While players in B teams may get random appearance stats, the quality of players in your B team makes no difference to whether they get promoted or not (the actual league is not simulated). As others have said, it is weighted chance based on reputation, which is hardcoded at the beginning of the game.
  4. It's important to realise that a console is a PC. It has a processor, a graphics card, RAM and a hard drive. So, if you buy a PS4, you are buying a 2013 computer. In 2018, your PS4 will still be a 2013 computer. Whether or not it will run FM well in 2018 depends on SI and how well they optimise the game for the PS4 (if releasing for consoles is something they are doing).
  5. You're sort of right. New PCs are being released all the time. Many game developers want to push the boundaries of graphics or processing power. So, when a new PC game is released, older PCs often can't handle it. In contrast, console game developers know exactly the limitations of the consoles, and design their games to work within those limitations. I guess the best way of putting it is as follows: GTA 5, for example, was released a few months ago, but if you went back in time and tried to play it on your Xbox 360 five years ago - it would still work. So, essentially, console games are designed to run on technology that is as old as the console itself. Whereas, PC games are designed to run on more recent technology.
  6. "If you shoot from distance one more time, I will put you in the reserves for the remaining four years of your contract."
  7. There are computers that are many years old that are more powerful than the next-gen consoles. Think about it, you're not getting a super computer when you pay ~$500 for a console. The price reflects the components inside.
  8. I managed to win the Europa League with Vityaz Podolsk. A club that starts below the lowest playable league in Russia. That was on FM12, I think it has become more difficult since then.
  9. I think the new loyalty fee supersedes the old one, but I'm actually not sure. I hope not.
  10. Who knows? Maybe employing two low level physios will lower the average quality of treatment at your club and make things worse? Not knowing how stuff works; one of the joys of the game.
  11. I'm pretty sure it does. On versions of FM prior to 14, agent fees didn't come out of your wage or transfer budgets so I always offered players low wages and their agents high fees to maximise my wage budget. Pretty unrealistic, but it helped me construct top squads.
  12. Yes it gets paid out gradually. Thus, when you sell the player, you only pay the amount remaining. If the player requests the transfer he forfeits the amount remaining.
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