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  1. The Dxdiag from my two different devices with the same problem are as follows: DxDiag from iMac.txt DxDiag form Surface Pro.txt
  2. There is another information I want to provide. I installed and played FM2020 on two different devices (both run Windows 10 1909), while one has discrete graphics card and the other has not. But both of my devices have the same problem I mentioned above. So I think it really is a bug instead of individual issues.
  3. I have done this several times. As the same, once I reboot the game, the problem will appear again.
  4. As it shown in the picture below, the option that should be used to alter resolution and window mode changed to a series of number. I tried to delete the caches and preferences folders, but it turned back to normal only for the first run after the deletion. Once I reboot the game, the option would change to numbers again.
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