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  1. Duplicate players: Choi Kyu-Baek, Min Seong-Jun, Song Joo-Hoon, Kim Dong-Su, Bae Soo-Yong, Shin Tae-Han, Choi Pyeong-Kir (Choe Byeong-Gil are both same person), Yang Sang-Jun, Chung Yong-Dae, Kim Hee-Ho, Park Chan-Yong, Shimura Noboru, Zlatan Ljubijankic, Hugo Vieira, Leoni Johnny, Marcelo Toscano, Davi (Jose, age 36), Julinho (age 33), Salvitti Rodrigo, Ramon (age 30), Mikic Mihael, Dinei (age 36), Eliezio, Yu Shanwen, Engels Gert, Wellington (age 32), Caue (age 31), Mascia Alberto, Krakowiak Maciej, Eduardo Neto, Abah Audu Jerome, Lucas Macedo, Caetano de Almeida (Rafael), De Vries Ryan, Ckl
  2. Thanks a lot! I've been using your db since several series, but I want to ask why every awards of J-league such as top scorer, player of the year, etc are missing from 2014? And if you find some duplicates players from original db, then I will show you what I found when you ask.
  3. thx for the db I used yours 19 version too but why records and awards like season mvp or best scorer are stopped since 2013?
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