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  1. I hit a new challenge with Beta engine. I took over SPAL, using Raptor but transitioning over to Destroyer as my wide players was better suited for IW, also opened for me to go for Predator when i needed to Push for goals. However!! (and this is even new for a seasoned manager like myself) I am battling relegation although the gap down to the bottom 4 is 12 points, and the reason is that i cannot for the life of me score goals!!! it is NOT just that my strikers have had a dry spell and i ahd to brush off the dust on Floccari, but the MEW is !"#!#"# me totaly! i had 2 goals WRONGL
  2. I don't realy think Magicnutt knows who you are, but on FM 19 i had some epic experiences watching you transform teams. The way you understand the game is on another level so don't be to harsh with us please I consider myself an experienced player, i won everything, got to CL finale with norwegian team 2nd season, but i cant for the life of me create my own tactic that works efficently. I rely on those better reading the game to find formations and play styles that work and i use those or tweak them to fit how i vision how i want my team to play. When are you going to upload fm 20 videoe
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