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  1. I hit a new challenge with Beta engine. I took over SPAL, using Raptor but transitioning over to Destroyer as my wide players was better suited for IW, also opened for me to go for Predator when i needed to Push for goals. However!! (and this is even new for a seasoned manager like myself) I am battling relegation although the gap down to the bottom 4 is 12 points, and the reason is that i cannot for the life of me score goals!!! it is NOT just that my strikers have had a dry spell and i ahd to brush off the dust on Floccari, but the MEW is !"#!#"# me totaly! i had 2 goals WRONGLY dissalowed when i lost 1-2 home to udinese. VAR showed the replay and it was not offside and the first of them was miles onside aswell, have you guys seen this before??? also same game i had 38 shots 19 on target, udinese had 8 shots 3 on target >< and this has spiraled into a terrible morale on my club were players are severely underachieving. I have not won in 8 matches, and its not looking good. Luckily i wount get fired unless i get relegated, and i plan to rebuild squad for next season. but the ME is like insane, every damn game opponent Goalie is POM, and my players have started to cross to wingbacks from withinn 16 when having clear shoots (confidence???) Its fun with the challenge to turn this but looking at extended highlights/full match how the hell can they not do a better job with the match engine after so many years?
  2. I don't realy think Magicnutt knows who you are, but on FM 19 i had some epic experiences watching you transform teams. The way you understand the game is on another level so don't be to harsh with us please I consider myself an experienced player, i won everything, got to CL finale with norwegian team 2nd season, but i cant for the life of me create my own tactic that works efficently. I rely on those better reading the game to find formations and play styles that work and i use those or tweak them to fit how i vision how i want my team to play. When are you going to upload fm 20 videoes? i cant wait!!! Also, id like to ad i save a LOT because of habit as computer used to crash before. Always have a test save were i watch gameplay and reload a lot to adjust behaviure on pitch and positioning (roles) to learn. I pray they fix engine so we can get this 1v1 madness out of the way. on my Wolves save im 5-1-5 in PL first 11 games using TFF Raptor 4, and i should have won all 11 of them with ease but First Jota was vaccinated against scoring then Jimenez cant score suddenly.... Sub Rafael Mir is my top goalscorer with 1 start and 7 games subbed in and 6 goals xD
  3. Sigames foot out of ass required! I've had it! reply to treads about you're efort to about whats beeing done with bugs/errors ore i will keep my customer right o not play or recommend this game to anyh of my friends. As it stands this isnt a pressure worth living up to with 5 ppl payed that will stop playing and 1-2 i will recommend notg to buyu the game, but iots somethijng becaause i will not tolerate you deleting my post and keep up the 0 replyu part form the standard "post dx or whatever". step it up! My respoect for you guiys is going down the drain! if even 1 person reads this before its deleted iit's worth! yo uare neglectingf youre fanbase!!!! own it!!!
  4. Jeff hey man. I sense you are one on the same frustrationlist as i am, but altho the re is flaws, annoying bugs and it feels "unfinished" dont forget the pressure they have to deliver at same time every year. Incorporating new featuires, testing everything and fixing thinngs as fast as they can dont necessary mean they intentionally deliver us something thats unfinished. I think its more complex than that. and even if im equally frustrated regarding bugs, if you ahve patience you can still enjoy the game, and if you cant, then just play something else for some weeks until bugs are fixed. doing that prevents youre experience from beeing a negative one, and it would mean you come back with fresh eyes to enjoy a product thats a lot better hope you have a good sunday
  5. Dear Sigames. I am typing this as much out of frustration as i am out of understanding for the stress it is for you to solve issues for youre customers. The constant pressure to release a new even better simulation of our favorite sport is every year something i know you strive to get done as painless and effortless as possible. I Know Miles and the Crew is burning for this product and i have faith everyone working for the company has athe games best interst at heart and put in the hours needed to make sure this key product delivers eyar after year. There are several issues ranging from minor to majore that people look for answeres to at the moment, and i know not everything is as straight forward to fix as we (the users) might want. That said, i urge you to step forward and inform us as you solve problems, keep us in the loop so to say. Wit hdays - weeks going without feedback regarding reported issues other than "post dx diag" yo uare not doing youreselves any favours, and neighter us! let us be the asset we can be for you to develop and create the best possible football manager feeling thats possible through simulation, and please don't leave us in the dark. I don't know if this will do any good, but first of all i would like to thank you for developing the game itself to include new feateures and make the manging feeling feel even more real than the paste years. now if we can report the bugs, and you can solve them lets look forward and do this together so we make sure that future versions of this totaly awesome game forfill both ours and your expectations. Regards. The ****
  6. I tried remove fm.exe, clear cache, verify files again today, no difference still same - out of options, Sigames were are you on this?
  7. I browse every single day but now half way in 2nd season everything starts to lag, i have updated all my drives, removed cache and tried everything... whats the feedback on this from the developers? is there any reply in any tread?
  8. Thank you, but i have more severe problem... as you can see i made the post when it happened, came home now today check the computer, still no progress on encoding- the cancel b utton is unclickable but the mouse icon turns into a hand is if its clickable. The game is not frozen as background keep changing all the time. Im reculant to hard close this unless someone tell me there is no way i can salvage this game. i will keep the computer running this until i get a reply.
  9. Im gutted.. absolutely gutted.... i dont know what words to chose here I have played all day even with the slow inbox and menu stuttering and have reached the 9th game or 10th in the league with Bournemouth, and im playing away to Aston villa away. 1. min I go up 1-0, fantastic goal by Romero 10.min 1-1 Steve Cook does a fantastic own goal on a cross with no pressure just blasting it into his own net. (i decide then and there hes transferlisted) 18th min. 1-2 Charles Gil score for them 24th min. Bakary Sako miss penalty for Villa 33rd min. 1-3 Dwight Gayle meets a cross with 2 man on him marking and blast home a their third.. at this point i can see i need to salvage the game so i do some changes. but not much happends until i go super offensive and man mark Gayle subbing in Mandragorna for this sole purpouse 76min 3-2 Harry Arter pulls one back 86min 3-3 !!! Lewis Cook equalizes!!! im now jumpin up and down and i decide i want to win so i tweak even more offensive 89min 3-4 Lys Mousset!! WE HAVE THE LEAD - so i go defensive 90+2min 4-4 Bakary Sako... GUTTED! but i tweak superoffensive again! 90+5min 4-5 Lys Mousset!! WE WIN WE WIN! this game was probably THE best game i have ever managed in my whole career of FM so i decide to upload it to youtube as a showcase, but.... the video gets stuck on Encoding video with no progress ..... i cant click cancel it has no progress but the background keep changing. I refuse to alt +F4, I WOUNT!!!! so tell me how i get out of this to save this magnificent game because i wil not turn off my computer until i get a reply. i have played FM every season and this was THE game were my logics and skills fell in place so help me please ><
  10. @Neil Brock, thank you for the reply. It's a constealtion (or whats the word) that atleast im not the opnly one having this issue, and i realy look forward to it getting solved so i can spam some seasons at a decent rate
  11. the save files are Bournmouth.fm and RBK.fm i also have simialre problem in tuch, do you need the savegame from there aswell? might also add i verified my files in steam folder and after that it became slightly more responsive but still the lag is there.
  12. I have the same issue. When i start a fresh save it's smooth but half way during the season the inbox seems to lag for up to 10 seconds showing as blank until the posts show, and if i click a player and go back its same over again. in addition scout reports takes 5 seconds to click add to shortlist so i just are forced to click aknowledge or discart. Im on the brink of just closing up shop on FM now because even tuch behaves the same and for the life of me my computer should be able to handle standard databases well enough and i dont want to spend loads of money i dont need to upgrade it when i can play league of legends, wow, battlefield and more demanding games just fine. Seeming more has issues with this i suspect there is some issue with the game itself and i wonder when we can suspect a patch? could start a new save and play for half a year until it becomes unbarable again but i cant realy say im tempted... i love this game so much but now im starting to get annoyed and i hope it will get fixed soon.
  13. how does this fly ingame tho? i am stoked by the efforts to recreate this you ahve put in! job well done!!!!
  14. i only haVE ISSUES WITH THE INBOX (TAKES 10 SECONDS TRO LOAD REGARDLESS OF NUMBER OF POSTS) WOPS seems i missclicked caps and im to lazy to retype xD. ALso the new scout report screen.. if i click scout it takes abouit 3 seconds before next player comes up so i now jsut click discart becasue 50 players every month = 150 seconds of wasted time....
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