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  1. Hi there down loaded the new update but no better. Very oddly when I change the crowd preference down to high it works great but then the next match goes back to jumpy. When I changed the crowd preference back to very high on another match it worked great ,its like the whole match engines ie , grathics scrolling speed etc had been up graded but again for the next match it was awful . Help
  2. Has the update and for the first match it was like fm19 then the next was like it never had an update, in game match I went to the preferences and lowered analysing to medium and the difference was amazing but when that match finished and moved on to the next one it was crap again but this time I raised the analysing to what it was previously (high) and it fixed it , but when that match finished and moved on to the next one the same problem happens...... why please help.
  3. My match play is running really slow and jerky it days I have 5 stars and my PC is running at a high standard for this game . Everything else runs fast through the various screen options but match day speed is awful
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