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  1. Probably not adding much to what has already been said so far, but all I will say from what I have found is that sometimes less is more, especially when managing lesser teams. I used to think that I needed loads of instructions for everything, but discovered that I have far more success with less team and player instructions, and keeping it quite simple. I play a balanced 442 wing play with two wingers, even if one of my wingers is more suited to being an inside forward. I have an advanced playmaker and CM (set to support in games I should win and defend in tougher games or away games) then a target man and a pressing forward. I make a few minor tweaks here and there with individual instructions, but nothing too over the top. I also stick with a formation for quite a while even if I see no immediate success, I find tinkering after every game just keeps me in a spiral of bad results.
  2. I mean, I have played football at an amateur level most of my life and you see free kicks scored at every level. Scoring a free kick itself is not unrealistic, if it happens on a too frequent occasion is when there may be signs of a problem.
  3. Well I hit the woodwork 6 times in a match last night that I drew 2-2, frustrating to say the least!
  4. I got promoted with Birmingham City and signed Kehrer from PSG with them paying £49.5k of his wages for the next 3 years! Annoying as hell when it happens against you but so good when it works in your favour.
  5. I had this first season with Birmingham City save. I don't want to say I was disappointed, however I wasn't overly impressed either (as I had built it up in my head that this was going to be an amazing intake). I had 1 very good player, then a good GK and a good CM, the rest wont make the grade by the look of it.
  6. I have never had anything but disappointment with my previous intakes so I am getting cautiously excited about this one!
  7. I think it was FM08 for the Xbox 360 I had a season where Torres scored something ridiculous like 82 goals in all competitions.
  8. I had a message the other day saying that I have a potential "golden generation" of players in this upcoming intake.....looking forward to seeing what I get given!
  9. Exactly the reason I am loving it as well, the nostalgia feel is great!!
  10. For the first time ever the other day I had a message to say my 2 forwards struggle to play together, and instead of a green line for a good partnerships, there was a dashed line.
  11. I have taken to playing the game on only commentary on my latest save and using the more detailed stats/analysis to make in game tweaks as I really don't enjoying watching the games using the ME. It has made this save much more enjoyable I have to say as it was getting very frustrating watching the continuous amount of 1vs1 misses.
  12. Piggy backing on this thread, is there a way to scout all players with release clauses/get notifications regarding players with release clauses? I know players in Spain often (always?) have a release clause, but I have never found a way to find hidden gems across the world with relatively low release clauses, more through luck that I come across them than anything else.
  13. That's awesome, with my limited time these days I really need to give this a go!!
  14. Aaaahhh that's good to know, cheers
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