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  1. I did uncover an issue last night playing my Birmingham City save. In my 2nd season and trying to offload Fran Villalba (who was on loan in Spain first season). I accepted an offer from WBA, he agreed terms but then failed the WP so the transfer got cancelled by WBA. I then offered him out to clubs and WBA put an offer in again despite the fact that he had just failed to get a WP for them and they cancelled the deal. I thought they might sign him and loan him out to try and get the necessary WP points. When the contract was accepted the same thing happened with the WP and they cancelled the deal again.
  2. This is exactly how I am finding my save with Birmingham City. I never smash anybody, I just constantly grind out results. I went through a bad spell in my first season around Christmas losing several games and drawing against teams in the bottom 3, but then come the new year I was on fire until the end of the season and got promoted with nearly 100 points. 2 games into the new season I have won both games at home to Everton and away at Palace.
  3. 442 with Birmingham City both strikers got 20+ in all competitions.
  4. If this is the patch from the other day with the Brexit rule changes then no, I have had the issue since that patch.
  5. Oh damn! I haven't been on there today but this isn't looking good!
  6. Hmmm very strange! My first season was fine but been hit with it 2nd season. Hope they can fix this asap
  7. Maybe the changes to the Brexit rules has thrown something out. I am going to have to stop playing this save until a fix is implemented as I can't wait until January to register my new signings.
  8. No, for example I am currently looking at Jack O'Connell of Sheff Utd. He hasn't played for any other team since 2015/16 but it still comes up with the same message. It is almost like it thinks the transfer window has closed but it has only just opened.
  9. So as the title suggests, am I being stupid or is this a bug..... I am in pre season of season two on my Birmingham City save (to be precise it is 25th June 2021). I got promoted and I have already signed a couple of players, but all of a sudden if I go to bid for ANY player in the world it comes up with a warning on the transfer bid screen to state "player X cannot be registered for the English Premier Division until 1/1/2022". Is this right? As a newly promoted team I have to wait until January to register anyone I sign from now on in? This seems like a bug to me but just wanted to check I wasn't being stupid somewhere.
  10. I am delighted this has been updated, great work SI. Just in time for my promotion signings with Birmingham City.
  11. If they don't it would be a real help if this could be implemented.
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