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  1. Just wanted to bump this as no reply so wanted to make sure it's been checked...
  2. Just wanted to bump this as it seems like no one's downloaded the pkm to check the issue...
  3. Here's an especially egregious example of something I've seen a lot and that I think contributes to some defensive issues. At 78:25, the build-up to the equalising goal, there's a minor problem first up with the suicidal pass back toward the halfway line, where it's 2 on 2, when there are free team-mates all over the current half. The issue, though, begins from 78:30 - after this bad pass is intercepted, there are 2 attackers in play, and 2 defenders in play. The defenders start out in position marking each of the attackers. However, once the attacker has the ball and starts running with it, his defender runs to try and mark the other attacker, while the defender marking the free attacker leaves him alone to come and try and engage the ball-runner. Obvious result, both attackers stay free while the defenders meet in the middle - goal. The issue here is that the defenders need to stick with the attacker closest to them, making sure they're both under pressure, rather than reverting to some positional "I'm a defender I'm supposed to be in this position" rule that leaves attackers free. In other words, there needs to be some sensible over-ride code for default positioning and marking, to make sure that defenders are never running away from an attacking threat to leave them totally free as they advance on goal. I see some version of this in almost every game, but this was the most extreme. Bad Position Tracking 78.25.pkm
  4. Check out the heat maps in this game: I had a 3-5-2 with 2 very good passing midfielders, a ball-playing defender, and a deep lying forward. Against opponents with 2 defensive midfielders but no central mid between the DM and AM. Selected "play through centre" in first half to try and overwhelm them in this area. Result, almost no central passing at all, with everything going through my left wing back. Changed tack in the 2nd half, still with a 3-man midfield. Result, everything going through my inverted wight winger. Seems VERY difficult to get the central part of the pitch going, which makes it very difficult to take advantage of opponents set up with gaps in the centre. Anyhow, this has been a problem in all my games but extreme in this one. Just look at the first half and overall heat maps to see how little central play I was able to generate despite two different tactics set up to prioritise that area. play through centre no central play.pkm
  5. 64:30ish in the attached pkm, the 5th goal. Long ball, 3 defenders all closer to the ball than my striker, but they all run away from it, leaving him free to run through and score. Haven't seen this exact issue before, but it seems connected to the bad dealing with loose balls that I raised in another thread (hypothesis, did the defenders think that the ball was now controlled by their team due to having so many players close to it even though no one had actually got it?) Defensive freeze at (64.30).pkm
  6. I expect your explanation is what the game is actually simulating, but you can see what a mad thing it makes the players do in practice. I had actually thought about this when seeing some similar issues on the previous version of the match engine - would it make sense to have a half- or 1/3-second delay in players' response to changing "control"? It seems to me (tell me if I'm wrong) like at the moment the game has a binary indicator that one team is in possession and the other isn't, and as soon as this changes, players start moving into their positions for the change of possession. But this can lead to some very odd responses to loose balls and, as in the example here, to players running away from situations that need to be run towards. I think having a small delay on the response to control changes - representing the real life situation that I as a defender have to think "do we Definitely have control of the ball, now?" - would mitigate some of the weirdness. Defenders should stay defending until the ball is Clearly out of the attacker's control, not start running up the pitch as soon as a ball goes loose. Is this something that can be done?
  7. OK, so my opponents were managed by Sam Allardyce. But 20 corners for Leeds in this game (with 50% of possession) because they kept ON hitting crosses against my defenders and out for a corner. Ironically, this is the one game out of the 13 I've played on the beta ME where I actually scored a central goal by feet after receiving a pass without any ricochet. But the Leeds passing map and corner stats tell the story about how wide-play-centric this ME is. Just an extreme version of what's been happening in most of my games, including for my own team who I've tried to set up to be creative through the centre. And if they're going to only play from out wide, they should at least try to bend their crosses around their marker rather than every time just hitting it straight at the defender's legs. 20 corners crossing simulator.pkm
  8. First goal, a poorly directed clearance header is bad enough, but then 2 defenders run toward and past the ball, leaving the opposition to score a great first time shot. Problem seems to be defenders not treating the loose ball as a priority. parting like the red sea.pkm
  9. Same problem as here in original ME - - obviously not fixed yet.
  10. Still seeing defenders "clear" balls from wide areas back toward the centre-edge of the penalty area. Have also seen more defensive headers pushing the ball out to the sides, which is better. In the attached file, 2:10 is the bad moment, a very experienced defender looking like he comfortably won an aerial duel, but choosing to knock it down to the feet of an unmarked striker rather than heading it out and away. Headed 'clearance' 2mins.pkm
  11. See the first Villa goal in this game (4th goal of the match). In the build-up, two players go to close a man down, leaving Grealish unmarked by about 20 metres all around to put in a cross. I'm guessing there's some confusion among the defensive players about when he's "active" as a threat after the set piece is taken. Set piece unmarked.pkm
  12. Have played 8 games with the beta. It's definitely an improvement. with some of the most egregious things fixed and much more of a feeling like tactical changes make a difference. Some old problems still not fixed - too many clearances into central areas, for example. And deep-lying strikers still don't get involved in build-up. And the big problem is that with the long balls nixed, I'm seeing even less creative play in central areas than before. Me and my opponents relying more than ever on crosses and set pieces for goals. So I feel like the patch has stemmed the bleeding from the catastrophic original, but still needs a lot more work on creative and attacking play if it's going to be anything other than wingback simulator 2020.
  13. The main problem with this one is the last-man defender just deciding to leave the striker running and to go back to jogging down the centre of the pitch instead. Defensive AI in this version is appalling. Seems like positional imperatives are overriding dealing with direct threats.
  14. Wait until the next Match Engine patch. The current one is terrible, and should never have been released in this state. I'll get my money's worth over the next couple of years with a final-version match engine, but for now it's embarrassing watching defenders run away from long balls to give a striker a one on one that the keeper then super-saves 6 times a match.
  15. Josh, the problem is not the frequency with which players keep the ball in, but the fact that they are doing it in situations where it gives the opposition a free ball. There needs to be some calculation on the player's part about who will get the ball if they keep it in in this way. If the ball would be left free for an opposition player, then they should just let it run out. If the ball is likely to go to a teammate or themselves, then they should keep it in like this. The problem is that at the moment, 75% of the time I see this animation it's being done to give the opposition a free ball in the defender's own half.
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