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  1. Im currently in March of 2nd season having finished 4th last year. We're sat 2nd in the league playing some good football and I'm enjoying the save, however I just knocked out of the CL by Man Utd in round of 16 and the board have SACKED me for failing to challenge for silverware??? Was also knocked out of the Spanish cup by Real at quarter final stage but what the hell! Anybody else finding the board expectations ridiculous or just a bit inconsistent? They asked I qualify for Europa league, ie finish 7th or higher, I'm currently 2nd but fail to challenge for a trophy and I'm sacked?? I've reloaded the save just now so I've got a few weeks to see if I can get them to change their expectations. Anyone got an ideas?
  2. Good post. Hit early crosses isn't something I've ever used myself, but just started a save with Athletic Bilbao and think it could help get the best out of the old man Aduriz so thanks 👍
  3. Yeah I wasn't expecting him to make fantastic signings just curious to see how they work in the game - do they players for positions we're short in or do they buy who's available? In fact, signing some absolute rubbish would be good as I wanted this to make it more of a challenge as usually with United it's easy to dominate. Currently he's signed no one though so that's my only concern but maybe he's a deadline day wheeler and dealer
  4. So I've just finished my first season of FM20 with Man United and obviously we have a huge war chest to ***** on new players. To make this more interesting/challenging I hired of Director of Football who I put in charge of all scouting and transfer responsibilities for the club. This inlcudes identifying targets and then making offers, similar to how my u23 manager buys young players for his squad. I've had my DoF for the January window and now just going into the summer 2020 window, however he is yet to find and make an offer for a player on his own, which is what I thought he'd be doing? My u23 manager does this for younger players so why doesn't my DoF? I have Bruno Fernandes joining, because I made him a transfer target for my DoF to sign, however I was hoping he would identify players on his own and bring them in to make the save more challenging and different to what I usually do. Does anyone know if they can do this, or is my DoF just a bit slow in the market? One good change that could be made would being able to interact with him so, for example, Young is leaving in the summer so I'll need a new left back. It would be useful if I could communicate that to my DoF for him to bring in his favoured option there. I know you can ask for his recommendation for a position but I basically want him to lead all transfer decisions and negotiations - is this possible? Thanks
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