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  1. Finished season 2 this week and it was incredible, so going to share how we did and tactics etc. I've been playing strikerless on FM21 and I love it, it produces amazing movement, great interplay with the forwards and lots of chances. The way we pull around opposition defenders before fully tearing them apart borders on the cruel at times, but it is brilliant to watch. Just a quick summary of my first season to begin. We made no signings, but nonetheless I was determined to play a strikerless system and just bring in better players more suited to the system in the summer. As it turn
  2. Started my Utd save again, this time going strikerless right from the start and making no signings in the first season. We won the quadruple, including the CL on pens against Juve, after Rashford scored a late extra-time equalizer assisted by super-sub Jesse Lingard. Halfway through season 2, and Bruno has been even better than in the first save I had. I've brought in Grealish and Depay so we have good strength in depth and that seems to have really helped performances. I'll do a full write up with tactics etc this weekend, but for now here's a quick screen grab to show just how dominant
  3. I know he turned into a monster for me! And people would still be calling him a pen merchant no doubt. I used him as an AP-AT as part of my usual front 3 of SS-AP-SS, with Rashford and Greenwood my first choice Shadow Strikers. Normally I find it hard to get that role to be a genuine goal threat but the system really allowed him to shine. I also used Pogba in that role and from memory I think he got 31 G+A from around 40 games. The way Bruno performed was actually quite similar to real life - he would come deep to get on the ball and get it forward to the Shadow Strikers, but he'd a
  4. Hey everyone, I've just had probably the best season I've ever had on an FM Save and thought I'd share some of the insane numbers we had. It was in my 3rd season at United so some signings had been made. Most notable ones really were Bastoni to partner Maguire, Bentancur in the midfield (who is brilliant) and Kulusevski for on the right. I've also given minutes to lots of the young guys where possible, with the most impressive development coming from Shoretire. My first 2 seasons were good, we won the league, Champions League, and League Cup in both seasons, as well as being run
  5. Depends on the set up and style of play I guess. I've been using a strikerless 433 with Rashford and Greenwood as Shadow Strikers and they've been insanely good. Think rashford played 48 games for me and got 39 goals and 25 assists. In my system pace, movement, dribbling are the most important attributes to have for the players there, with finishing, vision, passing probably just behind. I'm looking at Fekir, Pulisic, Sterling, Lautaro and Asensio as potential options there.
  6. Hey man, interesting tactic, looks like you've had some success with it! I played something on FM20, just with 2 strikers and no AM. If I could offer some advice: I always found it better to have a ball winner on the exposed flank, ie I'd probably switch Pogba and McTominay around in your set up and move my pacier CB to the left as well (though looks like you're doing well anyway!)
  7. I came to the forum to report this issue too. I'm in my third season and only just noticed this problem with the PL fixtures so I checked and it actually happened in my 2nd season too! I'm playing as Man Utd, and for seasons 2 and 3 I've been scheduled to play 10 teams away from home twice, and 9 teams at home twice. Seems to be affecting fixtures for the rest of the teams in the league as well though not all in the same way. Is it worth uploading a copy of my save file or is this not getting resolved?
  8. First screenshot looks good! Busquets or FDJ would make a decent Libero, which might make take up the positions your HB isn't (though I know you don't want to use a back 3). Re the possession: guess it depends what the issue is. Are you giving the ball away too much? Or not able to win it back? Your pass completion rate of 91% in the Betis game suggests it's not the former. You could always tick "hold shape" rather than "counter" if you haven't already, which might help you keep the ball more.
  9. Looks from the image like you'd have the 2 CMs on defend duties to keep them back to recycle possession instead of getting too far forwards, though not sure having all 3 midfielders on defend would work. Simpler way to achieve that shape in possession would be to use a back 3, 2 holding midfielders in front, wingbacks high and wide, and then your 3 attackers more central. Something I've done in the past to stop the wingbacks being so cross heavy was to play them as IWB with no one ahead of them, which means they stay wide but they also have the cross less instruction so will keep the bal
  10. Something I've done at Man United was my high-pressing take on a 433. Standard back 4, one CM on Defend in front (I used Bentancur as a BWM and he was brilliant), then have 4 forwards in the AM strata behind a striker. Can leave the midfield open at times but the attacking midfielders help us press much higher than the standard CMs, and we create lots of very nice chances with our 5 attackers. The defensive record has been really good too, thought I suspect the results would drop off quite a bit if you're not a big side with top players.
  11. Personally I would alway have Messi in a playermaker role - you want him to have as much of the ball as possible. I also think Dembele's attributes are far more suited to being a winger than inside forward, but other than that I don't see any major problems with the tactic, although I'd certainly remove the player narrower shout. Something I'm doing in my Barca save is using Sergi Roberto as an IWB to add more midfield presence and security, and that with the "exploit the middle" instruction helps us create central overloads to regain and retain possession, and also draw defenders in so
  12. I've had the same thing with De Gea, ended up with a fairly low average rating despite keeping 32 clean sheets in all comps. I was playing him as a sweeper keeper though, which to be fair isn't his strength, so I assumed the rating was due to inactivity, i.e. Making few saves as he faces few shots, but also the fact that his passing accuracy wasn't very good
  13. Seems to be a low number of dribbles in the game this year, either they're less frequent or being measured differently? Example: ASM averaged 1.66 dribbles per 90 in my first full season in the game, whereas last season in the league he completed 4.93 and currently this season he's on 4.00. The numbers are way way down, seems impossible to have a high volume dribbler in FM21 - anyone know if this is due to a change in the match engine, difference in how they're measured, or something else? Anyone seen a player average above 3 dribbles a game in Fm21? As an aside, and I may be missing som
  14. I've just played my 2nd PL game of my 2nd season, which was against Tottenham. Their line up was so odd I assumed they'd bought or promoted some younger players I'd never heard of or had major injury problems, so after the game I checked their squad and they seemed to have their entire senior squad unregistered for the league, with only Lamela and players from their youth sides available. I'm still in the middle of August and they do have until the end of the month to finalise their player lists so maybe they'll get it sorted then, but even so there is no reason for this to happen surely? The
  15. Wasn't Wenger-ball all about possession, passing triangles, pretty through balls and classy goals? Results look good, but doesn't show a style of play at all. Be nice to see a breakdown of assist areas, possession average in the league etc
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