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  1. Am I the only that seems to feel that i never create many chances / score from corners?
  2. One annoying thing I've noticed a couple of times is a none active player causing offsides, which has got a fair amount of goals disallowed.
  3. First game I played with this tactic broke my prem scoring record with a 6-0 home win vs West Ham with my premiership winning Sunderland side. Second game was an 8-1 home win in the champions league vs Porto. Since then I have had I few more high scoring games of 5+, when the tactic works It really does overpower the defense. Specially with my 3 wonderkid strike force all worth 60m+. I did make one change though, move a defender to the DMC position as I didn't have enough quality CB's but have 2 world class DM's.
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