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  1. Unfortunately I don't. My last autosave is from July 28, 2021 and I'm in August. I just uploaded the oldest autosave and my latest save. You can even see in that time it has increased from $2.4 million to the $2.6 million I have in August.
  2. I have a save with Oxford City, in the third season. I've noticed that the wage budget was increasing throughout the year with no explanation in the first two seasons, but not a crazy amount. The only non-standard thing I can say I was doing was each season I've had two preseason leagues with larger teams to boost the bank balance. However, now in the third season my wage budget was increased from the initial club vision $407k (I'm American so have it annual) to $2,616,176. I'm still in August. Has anyone else experienced this bug? I'm trying to hold myself to the original budget but kind of killing it for me. Our current bank balance is only $564,000 and in the red after the preseason leagues so that cash influx isn't supporting this rise in the budget.
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