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  1. @Christopher Lewis Cool thanks. Also, I'm like 10 years into the future, yet the league doesn't get a lucrative TV deal sorted even though it's a 3 star reputation(Premier Division in Ireland). Does the game allow for this?
  2. Hi there, In previous games(Like FM 12) the team who finished bottom of the First Division would relegate and a random team from Regional Level 3 would promote. Why is this no longer a feature? For example in this screenshot Drogheda would go down at the end of the season. In this screenshot of the previous season, Cabinteely should go down but they didn't...
  3. @Jimmy Wong I'm using a HyperX HX-KB2RD2-UK Alloy Elite RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Cherry MX Red (UK layout). I tried it in Windowed, still have the same issue. This doesn't happen in any other game. It's not a big issue, it's just annoying as it means I need to alt tab if I want to change songs...
  4. As the title says, my skip back, skip forward and pause/play buttons do not work in FM20. They work in other applications and games like Rocket League and F1 2019 when trying to skip a song in Spotify for example, so I know from doing this troubleshooting that it's not an issue with the keyboard but with this game. Any fixes?
  5. Cool, but I don't have the time in real life to play and watch each game hence why I just go on holiday and deal with whatever happens as I want to progress through a season in 2-3 days, if I watched the games and took part in them it'd take me a few weeks to do so, it is a game after all for me not a chore. It would be nice to have a quick sim option in this game or future games. Thanks for your reply anyways.
  6. Hey Rob, I went ahead and played the rest of the season. The issue is not there now. However should it arise again I'll let you know @Rob Heckman. Thanks!
  7. I like to go on holiday rather than watching the games, because of my limited time to play the game. Before it used to update the results on my profile like wins, losses, win rate% etc, now it does not. I can provide screenshots of this, but to prove it does not work now I did watch one game, which we won, and now my stats are on 1 win, 0 losses, 100% win rate etc even though I'm like 10 games into our domestic season. Is this expected behaviour(cos it wasn't in 19 and before) or is this a known issue or a new bug? I also wonder is the fact that in this game I am going on holiday for games(because FM still does not have a quick sim option for the full game), affecting my player happiness, as some players are not happy, yet there are no reasons as to why...
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