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  1. Since playing FM 2020 I've really struggled to create an effective tactic using wingers/wide men, and have instead settled on variations of a narrow 4-3-3 and and 4-1-2-1-2 diamond (which I've now used to good success over the last 3 seasons). At times however I've found multiple games where I hit an issue with breaking down an opponent, and felt having a fall back 4 4 2 tactic would help add a different dimension and provide some much needed attacking from wide areas. I spent the pre-season friendlies using the below (to get the team used to the tactic), but began the season with three
  2. Thank you @sporadicsmiles. Appreciate your constructive comments. You're right about analysing goals. I've found a fair amount come from my left flank, and loads resulting from set pieces. You've made me realise some fundamental flaws in the tactic (both away and home). So I've dropped the DLF back into AMC with an AP (S). Dropped the LCM to CAR (S), left sided striker back to DLF (s), and WBL flicks between WB(a) and WB(s) depending on opposition. Also tried re-jigging my defensive set pieces and extra set piece training. Positive results so far, hopefully it continues!
  3. I developed an attacking 4-4-3 tactic while at Leicester which saw me finish 5th a couple of years in a row, along with an FA Cup and a Europa league win. I was then offered the United job on the back of this. I decided to stick with the tactic which had done me so well, and buy players to fit the mould. The tactic is great at home, free-flowing football, high-intensity pressing, plenty of goals. It's my away form which leaves a lot to be desired. In to my second season, and my league form looks like this: Home - P5 W5, Away P6 W1 D5. My first season was much the same (Home - P19, W16,
  4. Ahh thank you so much mate! I really appreciate the detail. I will give the changes a go, and let you know the results. Couple of questions... so you'd recommend having Vardy/Haaland as DLF/CF, with Ikone/Grey as AF/CF either side in a 3 striker system? I do like the idea going forward, but does it leave you vulnerable when transitioning from attack to defence? Do you just leave the 3 strikers to stay up the pitch while defending?
  5. The next game started well with a 3-2 win over Tottenham and a Haland hattrick! Unfortunately things haven't been great since then. We seem to create a lot of chances but our finishing seems so poor. I've also conceded late equalisers in the last three games. Could this be due to to high-intensity setup/players getting tired? Beginning to question if gegenpressing is the correct setup for a mid-table team.
  6. Ok, so I could try making Gray a winger? Possession is fairly mixed (usually higher when home). I've noticed I give the ball away away a lot more than I retrieve it though, from the analysis page. Should I try with a Higher or Slightly higher tempo?
  7. I'm in to my second season with Leicester (finished an expected 9th last season and wanted to really kick on this season). I used a gegenpressing tactic as a base last season, and also had a (4 5 1) counter attack tactic for bigger teams and when winning. I usually switch between a Positive and Cautious mentality, depending on whether home/away. The issue is predominantly a lack of goals. Haaland has only scored once this year, and Vardy is yet to score (after 12 games). The whole team has only managed 11 goals. We're relying heavily on Gray, and he wasn't even originally supposed t
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